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Dancing machine of SNSD Hyoyeon to express her eager to get married when 30

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Dancing machine of SNSD Hyoyeon to express her eager to get married when 30

-- Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Hyoyeon, who recently transformed into an author with the release of her book HYO STYLE, revealed she wants to get married at age 30. Hyoyeon is currently 27 years old.

In HYO STYLE, Hyoyeon talks about fashion, beauty, style and love. She writes, "Before, I wanted to experience everything with a child of my own, so I wanted to get married early. But now, I want to get married after I have accomplished the things I want to do to a certain degree. Even so, I want to get married at 30. Because I know I will live happily."

She continues, "While living in a dorm, my perception of married life has become more realistic. But because I′ve experienced these things at least once now while living in a dorm, I′ll be better at in when I′m married."

On her ideal type, Hyoyeon says, "When I was younger, I liked people whose appearance matched my taste. Now, I think humanity is more important. I like people who are overflowing with humanity and can get along with the people around me."

Hyoyeon also reveals that she can count with one hand how many people she dated and loved up until now. However, she also says that she still isn′t sure what love is.

HYO STYLE is a book not only about Hyoyeon′s fashion style, but her life, beauty and everything related. Hyoyeon met with reporters at a book release event, held at a cafe in Seoul′s Seongsu-dong on July 1, where she said, "It′s a book about my style. Have fun reading it." Hyoyeon will begin promotions with SNSD on July 7.

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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and EXO's Kai and Lay share Dancing 9's stage!

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Dancing 9's Blue team master Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation heated up the stage with an explosive collaboration performance with EXO's Kai and Lay!

In the video, Kai and Lay graced the floor first with their amazing dance moves, and then Hyoyeon just came out in the middle of their dance.

Dancing 9 isKoreas first dance battle show that disregards genre, age, and nationality. It's a battle between The Red Wings team and the Blue Eyes team.

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Hyoyeon reminds you to watch 'Dancing 9'

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Hyoyeon reminds you to watch 'Dancing 9'

SNSD's Hyoyeon reminds everyone to watch MNET's dance survival show Dancing 9. On July 20, she wrote on her instagram account,

"Please watch the original broadcast of Dancing 9~!! right now~~+,+ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I just came from Taiwan concert very well~~~^^!"~ along with this is a selca wherein she's wearing blue representing her team.

Hyoyeon is one of the nine Kpop Dancer Masters.

Have you watch the premiere episode?

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'Dancing 9' releases preview for Hyoyeon and Yuri

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It has been revealed that SNSD's Hyoyeon and Yuri are going to appear in the upcoming MNET's dance survival show as coaches. They will judge the contestants' skills as 'Kpop Dance Masters" along with other artists like Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo, Lee Yongwoo, Park Jiwoo, Park Jieun, Woo Hyunyoung, Ducky (Kim Dukhyun), and Poppin J (Lee Jaehyung).

The show airs its premiere on July 20. Meanwhile, check the preview below:

Shinhwa Min Woo, Girls' Generation Yuri and Hyoyeon As 'Dancing 9' Masters, All About Passion For Dance

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Shinhwa Min Woo, Girls' Generation Yuri and Hyoyeon As 'Dancing 9' Masters, All About Passion For Dance ‘Girls’ Generation Vs. Shinhwa’ On Dancing 9The highly anticipated dance survival audition TV show "Dancing 9" held its press conference last July 10. The said event was attended by Chief Producer Kim Yong Beom, MC Oh Sang Jin and the entire crew of dance masters.

"Dancing 9" picks out the best talents in dance from different genres - ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance, street dance or Kpop dance among others - where the final winner is chosen after nine rounds of competition. The show will also feature two teams of dance masters who will train the contestants. The Red Wings team is composed of Kpop Dance Master Lee Min Woo from Shinhwa, Jazz Dance Master Woo Hyun Young, Street Dance Master Poppin J and Dance Sports Master Jay Park. The Blue Eye team is joined by Kpop Dance Masters Yuri and Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation, Modern Dance Master Lee Young Woo, Dance Sports Master Jenny Park and Street Dance Master Ducky.

Shinhwa's Min Woo commented, "I really love dancing and I absolutely wanted to participate in this program. When the public thinks of Shinhwa's Min Woo, they also think of dancing. I think this program really fits me."

Girls' Generation's senior BoA who participated in Superstar K was known for being warm towards the contestants so Yuri and Hyoyeon were asked how they will handle the judging of contestants. Minwoo stated, "I've seen both Yuri and Hyoyeon when they were trainees and they were gradeschool kids then but their passion for dancing was amazing. I thought, ah, these kids will follow BoA." Yuri stated that she learned a lot from the auditions and worries as to how she will be able to sit on the Dance Master's seat but expressed that she will do her best to be a great master. Girls' Generation Yuri and Hyoyeon told the audience to look forward to their opposing styles of screening and judgement. Yuri added, "I'm the style who gives advice while Hyoyeon is the style who really wants to be hand in hand with the contestants when it comes to dancing."

"Dancing 9" is produced by Kim Yong Beom who has also produced SuperStar K, M Countdown and Mnet Asian Music Awards. It is Korea's first dance survival show and the first episode will air onJuly 20,Saturday, 11pm KST on Mnet.

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Hyoyeon, "Dancing In a Dress After Joining Girls' Generation Was Hard"

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girls generation hyoyeon dancing with girls generationGroup Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon revealed that she had a hard time dancing in a dress after joining Girls' Generation.

In Mnet "Beatles Code 2" airing tomorrow, Hyoyeon said, "The dance moves that I learned before debut were big and powerful movements but after debut, we had to wear stage outfits and dance."

She continued, "Also, since 9 members had to fit well into each other, more than trying to stand out, we had to put in much efforts to become one team together."

She said, "6~7 years ago, I went as a guest for a Poppin festival and even went to the semifinals at a dance competition."

Lee Min Woo, Yuri, and Hyoyeon to Join "Dancing 9" as Dance Masters

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Lee Min Woo, Yuri, and Hyoyeon to Join Dancing 9 as Dance MastersShinhwas Lee Min Woo and Girls Generations Hyoyeon and Yuri will join the dancing survival show Dancing 9 as dance masters. 

A representative of Dancing 9 said, Lee Min Woo, Hyoyeon, and Yuri will appear on the show as K-Pop dance mastersWith experience in domestic and international stage experience, they will be a great help to the Dancing 9 candidates. 

The three will join dance sport professional Park Ji Woo, B-boy Ducky (Kim Duk Hyun), entertainer Poppin J to complete the cast for Dancing 9. These dance masters will divide into groups and offer coaching to the contestants.

Lee Min Woo shared about his excitement for the program. In my fifteen years in Shinhwa I have sensed that dance goes beyond language, age, and genderas someone who loved dancing even before becoming a singer, I am excited to meet many people who will take on the dance challenges.

Hyoyeon and Yuri were also excited to work with the contestants on the show. We want to share our knowledge on passion, talent, stage presence, and teamwork to the contestants.

Dancing 9 is the ultimate global dance survival program. Dancers from all over the world will be flown to Korean to participate. The competition will ultimately pare down the number of aspiring dancers to 18, splitting them into two teams of nine, and then choosing one team as the winner.  The winning team will receive $500,000 in value rewards, and the MVP member of the team will receive the fulfillment of a wish – such as tuition to a dance school. 

Girls' Generation Yoona-Yuri-Hyoyeon, Crazy Pictures? 'Dancing Queen'

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Girls' Generation Yoona-Yuri-Hyoyeon, Crazy Pictures? 'Dancing Queen' yoona yuri hyoyeon crazy dancing pictureGirl group Girls' Generation's members Yoona, Yuri, and Hyoyeon revealed funny and crazy pictures, revealing their silly side.

Today, Hyoyeon posted on her Instagram, "Dancing Queen" along with a picture.

In the picture, Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon in where seems to be the waiting room are in casual outfits. They seem to be making funny poses with all their might without thinking about their image, arousing laughter.

Internet users who saw this commented, "What happened to their image?," "They've gone crazy to be funny," and "What are they doing?"

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Girls' Generation's Yuri and HyoYeon-Shinhwa's Min Woo Join 'Dancing 9'

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Girls Generation, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Shinhwa, Min Woo

Girls' Generation's Yuri and HyoYeon-Shinhwa's Min Woo Join 'Dancing 9' Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and HyoYeon, Shinhwa’s Min Woo Join ‘Dancing 9’Girls' Generation's Yuri and HyoYeon-Shinhwa's Min Woo Join 'Dancing 9' Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and HyoYeon, Shinhwa’s Min Woo Join ‘Dancing 9’Girls' Generation's Yuri and Hyoyeon, and Shinhwa's Min Woo will join dancing survival show 'Dancing 9' as dance masters.

Min Woo commented, "I realized that dance really transcends any language barriers, generational and gender gaps. That has been one of the biggest lessons I learned over the last 15 years as a member of Shinhwa performing overseas. I just love to dance, so I am excited to meet a lot of people who also love to dance."

Yuri and Hyoyeon stated, "During our performances in Asia and Europe, we got to see people get fired up over the common language: dance. We felt firsthand the power of body language from those experiences. We would like to share our knowledge about fashion, current trends, stage performances and teamwork with the contestants on the show. We will do our best to give practical, helpful advice to those who are seeking help."

Shinhwa"s Lee Min Woo, SNSD"s Hyoyeon and Yuri Confirmed for "Dancing 9"

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Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo and Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Hyoyeon and Yuri will be joining Mnet′s dance survival show Dancing 9 as team ′masters,′ according to a rep from the show.

"They plan to show how they communicate with the public through dance as K-Pop dance masters," the rep added.

Lee Min Woo has shown in his long career as a member of top idol group Shinhwa his undying skills in dance, while Hyoyeon and Yuri have also boasted their skills across the world.

Through overseas performances and promotions, Shinhwa and SNSD have both proved that dance is truly a language that can be spoken anywhere in the world.

The masters are expected to channel their experience onstage to the contestants of Dancing 9.

Lee Min Woo commented, "I′ve felt through my 15 years of promotions with Shinhwa and after meeting with music fans from around the world, that dance is a genre that goes beyond not only language but also all such barriers like age and gender. I agreed with the aim of the show, and immediately took up the offer when it came."

"As a person who loves dance, I′m looking forward to meeting many different people taking up new challenges for dance. I′m very excited," he added.

Hyoyeon and Yuri also said, "We saw how people around the world can become one through dance as we performed across Asia and Europe. We know how powerful dance can be. We want to share our experiences and know-how in fashion, trends, performances and teamwork with the contestants of Dancing 9. We′ll work hard to be a real help to those who want to be stars through dance."

Chief producer Kim Yong Bum of Dancing 9 said, "Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo and SNSD′s Hyoyeon and Yuri are all dancers and singers who have recently been gaining even more in popularity. Lee Min Woo is looked up to by his juniors, as he has produced many routines as 1st generation group Shinhwa′s choreographer and he′s also shown his skills as a talented producer. SNSD leads global trends as a main player in the global K-Pop boom, making popular not only its dance and song but also its makeup habits and styles."

"Their addition to Dancing 9 will add more liveliness to the show," he added. "You can definitely look forward to it."

All eight masters for Dancing 9 have now been confirmed, with previous confirmations revealing Lee Yong Woo, Park Ji Woo, Park Ji Eun, Woo Hyun Young, Ducky and Poppin J as masters. The masters will be divided into two teams to coach the contestants and basically lead the show.

Dancing 9 picks out the best talents in dance, regardless of genre, and has them compete across nine rounds for a 500 million won prize. It is Korea′s first dance survival show.

The first episode will air on July 20.