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SNSD Hyoyeon Tries the Cha Cha Cha on 'Dancing with the Stars 2'

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SNSD Hyoyeon Tries the Cha Cha Cha on 'Dancing with the Stars 2' hyoyeon cha cha chaSNSD Hyoyeon tries the cha cha cha.

In the final stage for "Dancing with the Stars 2" on July 20th, Hyoyeon tried the cha cha cha.

Hyoyeon, in a blue dress, showed precision and energy in each step, gathering loud applauses from the audience.

Judge Song Seung Hwang commented, "It's the semi-finals but you didn't even twitch, and enjoyed it the whole way. Hyoyeon, you're like a little giant. The scattered popping motions were fun. Overall it was great watching such a well-prepared performance."

Alex Kim said, "I was impressed at your ability to express even the most subtle expressions. It's hard for me to believe that all this was produced from only three months' training. I applaud you." Kim Juwon commented, "A genius is someone who can put in effort without stopping. Hyoyeon, you're a genius."

Hyoyeon thanked her partner Kim Hyung Seok as it was their last performance together: "Since we spent so much time practicing together, I think we got to know each other really quickly. I had so much fun doing this show with you. On stage you're a great performer, and off stage you're a great friend. I won't ever forget this."

Hyoyeon puts on her final performance on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

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Hyoyeon puts on her final performance on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

Girls Generations Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk put on their final Dancing With The Stars 2 performance.

On the July 20th broadcast, Hyoyeon and Hyung Suk put on their paso-doble stage for the judges.

Kim Joo Won had previously remarked that Hyoyeon truly shines when it comes to fast-tempoed dance, saying that her moves are on point, she knows how to flow with the tempo, and she can express herself well. I gave her a high score when it came to her Latin dance performance. She has this lovely charm that makes it hard for people to take their eyes off of her.

Alex Kim had also said, She was born a dancer. I become captivated by the overall feel when she dances a fast-tempo Latin dance. Her moves are solid and has perfect balance, and her amazing chemistry with her partner makes the dance feel modern.

Fellow Judge Song Seung Hwan did not hold back his praises as well. She has this charm that puts people in a good mood when they watch her dance. Not only is she a good dancer, but you can feel her youthful energy, and she just lights up the stage. She was born with this talent.

Stepping on stage in a deep crimson-colored dress, Hyoyeon danced to the fierce beat of the dance music of Spain. Swapping her classic lovely charm for sensuous dance moves, Hyoyeon once again captivated the audience who responded with explosive cheers.

Judge Song Seung Hwan who gave her a 10 said, You were relaxed and adequately nervous in the midst of the speed. You displayed masterful techniques, while Alex Kim added, Your stage was remarkable, giving her a 9, and Kim Joo Won gave her a 10 saying, Your stage exceeded my expectations. Youve gone from Girls Generations dancing fairy to a Dancing Queen.

Despite once again impressing the judges, Hyoyeon and her partner came second in the competition, and first place went to Choi Yeo Jin and Park Ji Woo.

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Girls' Generation(SNSD) Hyoyeon's Romantic Dance to f(x) Luna's Sweet Live Music on "Dancing with the Stars 2"

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Hyoyeon dance to LunaOn the July 13 broadcast of "Dancing with the Stars 2," the three semi-finalists Choi Yeo Jin, Yeh Ji Won, and SNSDHyoyeon all showed off their dance moves.

In this episode Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Seok danced to f(x) Luna's live music for the mission titled, "Singer Supporters Mission."

Suave yet slow, the Hyoyeon-Kim Hyung Seok couple danced in a sensual yet innocent way.

Song Seung Hwan commented, "You guys were able to incorporate both the energy and the proper mood for this song. It was awesome."

Alex Kim commented, "I loved the shoulder line during the Beijing step. I wish you could have really worked out every step so that it could've been a completely professional performance."

Kim Joo Won shared, "I realized again through your performance how endurance leads to remarkable results. Hyoyeon, you were great!"

The three judges Song Seung Hwang, Alex Kim, and Kim Ju Won gave the couple scores of 9, 9, and 7, respectively.

Girls' Generation Yuri, Taeyeon, and Tiffany Shows Support for Hyoyeon on "Dancing With The Stars 2"

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SNSD, Girls Generation, Hyoyeon

hyoGirls' Generation members Yuri, Taeyeon, and Tiffany showed up on the set of "Dancing With The Stars 2" to show support for Hyoyeon.

On the July 13 broadcast of MBC "Dancing With The Star 2," the theme of the day was 'Jive' and artist supporters.

On this day, Hyoyeon performed to the song "Rock N Roll Baby" along with her partner Kim Hyung Suk. Despite the fact that she was the first one to perform on stage, Hyoyeon gave a flawless performance, receiving a high mark of 28 points from the judges.

On this day, Girls' Generation members Yuri, Taeyeon, and Tiffany came to watch Hyoyeon perform. Hyoyeon stated during an interview, "At times like this I realize that I could rely the most on my members. I'm very grateful."

'Dancing with the Stars 2' Girls' Generation (SNSD) Hyoyeon Enters Final Round

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Girls Generation, SNSD, Hyoyeon, DWTS 2, MBC

Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon heated up Friday night with her vivacious dancing.

On July 13, the recent broadcast of MBC's "Dancing with the Stars 2" Hyoeyon and partner Kim Hyung Suk wowed the audience with their opening of Jive dance. The music theme of "Rock and Roll" showed a swift and remarkable performance. Their second performance accompanied by a live performance of f(x)'s Luna singing "Way Back into Love."

Fellow Girls' Generation member of Yuri, Taeyeon and Tiffany were spotted in the audience to show their support. The girls were seen full of excitement over Hyoeyon's performance.

One of the judges, Song Seung Hwang remarked, "I am glad to see a youthful dance," Alex Kim stated, "The rock n roll dance was spectacular," and Kim Joo Won expressed, "The jive dance was the best stage ever on 'Dancing with the Stars 2."

Hyoyeon and Kim Hyun Suk received 28 points from the judges and as a result of their awesome performances it placed them in the final round.

"Way Back into Love" with f(x)'s Luna

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon moves on to the final round on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon moves on to the final round on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

Girls Generations Hyoyeon put on another spectacular jive performance.

The July 13th broadcast of MBCs Dancing With The Stars 2 revealed the last battle between Choi Yeo Jin, Yae Ji Won, and Hyoyeon.

Some of Koreas best vocalists such as f(x)s Luna, Kim Jo Han, and Ock Ju Hyun sang live as the TOP 3 finalists danced to their vocal performances.

Dressed in a sexy ensemble that showcased her figure, Hyoyeon lit up the stage with a vibrant jive dance.

Thanks to her flawless chemistry with partner Kim Hyung Suk, the pair earned the explosive cheers of the audience members and an impressive 28 points from the judges.

Fellow contestant Choi Yeo Jin and her partner who put on an impeccable Roomba dance earned 29 points from the judges, and they will be going head to head against HyoyeonHyunsuk in the final round next week.

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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon to collaborate with f(x)'s Luna on "Dancing with the Stars 2"

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Girls Generations Hyoyeon to collaborate with f(x)s Luna on Dancing with the Stars 2Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon has easily advanced to the semi-final round in the latest episode of "Dancing with the Stars 2" - a Korean dance competition on MBC station. In the semi-final episode, contestants will undergo a special challenge.

They will be in charge of preparing a dance number with some of the best singers in South Korea. In Hyoyeon's case, her partner is none other than Luna from f(x). As they are from the same agency, SM Entertainment, the two are already quite close.

Furthermore, other than her f(x) performances, Luna is known to be able to sing and dance in musical form after appearing in the stage production of "Legally Blonde." Fans of both groups cannot wait for the collaboration and they are very curious as to what the two ladies can offer.

This episode will air on July 13th local time.

Are you excited for this superb duo?

Hyoyeon thanks Girls’ Generation members for supporting her on Dancing With the Stars 2

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Hyoyeon thanks Girls’ Generation members for supporting her on Dancing With the Stars 2

Girls Generation member Hyoyeon thanked her fellow group members for the support she has received from the girls on Dancing With the Stars 2.

The latest episode of Dancing With the Stars 2 featured four remaining teams as they embark on their ninth dance challenge. Hyoyeon successfully showcased her elegant quick step performance, showing much professionalism and charisma. She then proceeded to flawlessly execute her jive performance, being completely in-sync with her dance partner Kim Hyung Suk.

Upon the duos performance, comments praising the performance were ubiquitous. Judge Song Seunghwan stated The two of you really nailed the jive performance, it really suits you, later commenting that he was jealous of Kim Hyung Suk for being able to dance with Hyoyeon. One critique Kim Joo-won even compared Hyoyeon to Britney Spears.

I really want to make the cut for the Top 4, said Hyoyeon ambitiously and she continued, I want to thank my fellow Girls Generation members. Theyve been sending me supportive text messages all day long to boost my confidence for this stage.

Meanwhile, the episode concluded with Cho Yeojin and Park Jiwoo taking the top spot once again.

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon enters the Top 4 on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon enters the Top 4 on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

On the July 6th episode of MBCs Dancing with the Stars 2, Girls Generations Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk competed for a spot among the Top 4 finalists.

During this episode, Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk presented a jive performance for the second time. Specifically, they danced to Propose from the broadway musical Mama Mia. Without missing a beat, the young couple impressed with their quick feet movements and slides, once again confirming their great potential and skill as dancers.

After the performance, judge Song Seung Hwan commented, The jive dance really suits you two well. It seems like this youthful dance suits you two amazingly well.

Alex Kim added, I enjoyed watching your jive movements. Your keep, ball, chamber, and sweep [moves] were awesome.

Finally, Kim Joo Won concluded by referring to a nickname Hyoyeon is sometimes known for in Korea, saying kindly, Hyoyeon, rather than simply being the Korean Britney, you seem to be even better than Britney. Youre beautiful.

In the end, Song Seung Hwan, Alex Kim, and Kim Joo Won, gave a 9, 8, and 9 score respectively, giving Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk a total of 26 points. The pair has thus secured a place in the top 4 along with Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Gyuri.

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[Updated] Hyoyeon on Dancing with the Stars 2…and a Small Accident

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UPDATE(Funky)Added photos of Hyoyeon with Park Minha + Kim Hyungsuk

Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk once again delivered an intense and exciting performance on Dancing with the Stars Season 2. Hyoyeon was not only able to show her aptitude for different styles of dance as she performed paso doble and fox trot to the tune of Kokomo, but also her professionalism. When doing the fox trot, she had a minor fall, stumbling on the dress she had taken off during the previous paso doble dance. However, she got right back up in a split second and finished the performance with great energy and enthusiasm.

My heart’s still beating really fast. It was an accident that I didnt think Id make. Fortunately, Hyungsuk signaled to me with his eyes what the next step was so I was able to transition smoothly, our Dancing Queen stated after the performance regarding her fall. She also added, I think my body line has become more feminine, and a lot more adults have begun to recognize me. Senior Im Ha Ryong congratulated me on winning #1 and told me that he’d keep supporting me.Hyoyeon fighting!_____________________________________________________

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