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Hyoyeon talks about her new, short hair + predicts Girls" Generation will take over with their comeback

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Hyoyeon talks about her new, short hair + predicts Girls

Girls" Generation"s Hyoyeon just successfully wrapped up her first publication conference for her new style book "Hyo Style"!Not only did she talk about how amazing her first book is, but also about the things we"re all curious about, like what she thinks of her new haircut and Girls" Generation"s comeback.

Hyoyeon said, "I"m usually the type to immediately go forth with something once I make up my mind, but before I went with my bob cut, I thought about it for a while. I worried about it for a month. Girls" Generation"s comeback was coming up too so I wondered, "What if it doesn"t suit me?" It"s not like I can glue it back."

She added, "Since I was worrying so much about it, the hair stylist became frustrated. She cut it off in one motion. But my members and people around me told me it was pretty, so I was happy. I"m thankful too."

And about Girls" Generation"s comeback, Hyoyeon optimistically stated, "Today Girls" Generation"s teaser video came out. You"ll soon be able to hear our new songs. I think that Girls" Generation will be able to strike [the music scene] in one stroke this year."

You go, Hyoyeon! That"s the confidence we"re talking about! And we"re loving her new hair too!

Have you gotten your copy of "Hyo Style" yet? And how excited are you for Girls" Generation"s comeback?

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Girls" Generation"s Hyoyeon rocks a short bob, new hairstyle for comeback?

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An upcoming comeback in the K-pop world often means hairstyle and hair color changes, but Girls" Generation Hyoyeon"s new hair still has fans in utter surprise!

Hyoyeon revealed her new bob on her Instagram, and we think it really suits her! It makes us wonder why she never went that short even earlier! Although Hyoyeon has sported shorter hairstyles in the past as a Girls" Generation member, this is the first time Hyoyeon may have a bob cut for promotions.

And if you"ve been following her Instagram, you"ll know that she"s been contemplating on chopping her hair off for a while now!

The process in cutting her hair will be shown in the upcoming June 12 airing of her show "Hyoyeon Million Likes".

Many of the other Girls" Generation members have been seen sporting new hair colors, making us all the more excited for the concept in their comeback! How do you like her new hair?

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Girls’ Generation to bring out Hyoyeon’s ‘comeback story’ video clip for ‘I Got a Boy’

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Girls’ Generation to bring out Hyoyeon’s ‘comeback story’ video clip for ‘I Got a Boy’

Girls’ Generation is bringing out “comeback story” of each member in the style of short video clip interviews. After Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun, YoonA, its now Hyoyeons turn!

Hyoyeon shared that she is looking forward to seeing her fans again and she also showed off two new dance moves from “I Got a Boy”.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Girls' Generation reveals comeback preview video ft. Hyoyeon

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Girls Generation reveals comeback preview video ft. HyoyeonSM Entertainment unveils the seventh preview video for Girls' Generation's comeback featuring Hyoyeon's story.

On December 28th, Hyoyeon started her comeback story with a short introduction while a slideshow of her own concept photos runs through the clip. She comments on their new comeback and counts down to the release of their fourth studio album. Hyoyeon was dressed in the same style as her image teasers with a filming set as her backdrop.

Since announcing that they will be releasing their fourth studio album and preparing for their comeback activities, Girls' Generation has been teasing fans by releasing various image teasers (1,2) and comeback preview videos featuring Taeyeon, Yuri,Sunny and Tiffany, Seohyun and Yoona.

They have also pre-released the track "Dancing Queen" and has been dominating online music charts since, further raising expectations for their new album and promotions.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will release their fourth studio album and will also hold a comeback special "Romantic Fantasy" on January 1st.

Girls' Generation Comeback, Hyoyeon Teaser Image Revealed

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Girls Generation, I Got a Boy, Hyoyeon, Dancing Queen

Girls' Generation Comeback, Hyoyeon Teaser Image Revealed Girls Generation Comeback, Hyoyeon Teaser Image RevealedGirls' Generation will finally be making a comeback on January 1, 2013.

Yesterday, they released online their new song, "Dancing Queen" along with memberHyoyeon's teaser images for their 4th album release,I Got a Boy.

The song "Dancing Queen" features the group's own version and style of Duffy's "Mercy." They have also filmed the music video and recording back in 2008.

For their new album, they have decided on a time machine concept that will prove to be a delight for fans.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s Comeback Teaser To Be Brought Out

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s Comeback Teaser To Be Brought Out

 Girls’ Generation will return on January 1st with their 4th full-length album. They have also brought out their own version of Duffy’s “Mercy,” under the title “Dancing Queen.”

On December 21st, SM Entertainment also unveiled some teaser photos of Hyoyeon in which she looks chic, edgy and glamorous with multi-coloured hair.

According to an official from SM Entertainment, “‘Dancing Queen’ is a time machine concept that shows Girls’ Generation’s past and present while it also shows them taking a new challenge and even their future. It is colorful music and very special.”

BTS Packs a Punch with Emotional Comeback Trailer

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BTS Packs a Punch with Emotional Comeback Trailerehk38 April 17, 2015 0 LINE it!BTS Packs a Punch with Emotional Comeback Trailer BTS packs a punch with an emotional comeback trailer that used to be released on April 17.

The name of BTS’ upcoming album “花樣年華” (“Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa”) approach the most pretty or happiest time of one’s life, like when a flower blooms. This is a Chinese metaphor which may be the title of the 2000 Wong Kar Wai movie and#8220;In the Temper for Love.and#8221; Accordingly, the comeback trailer functionsvibrant animation that riffs at the flower motif and member Suga’s emotional yettough rap about locating happiness.

The trailer closes with the lines, “What am I doing with my life/ This moment will never ever return/ BackI'm asked, ‘Are you glad now?’/ That resolution is already decided/ I am happy.” The keypersonality in the animation after all arrives, out of breath, at a flower whose petals are being blown away by skill of the wind.

Meanwhile, BTS’ 3rd mini album is slated for an April 29 release.

What did you take into accounts the comeback trailer?

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Yoon Mirae To Make Comeback With A Ballad Virtual Unmarried In December

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Yoon Mirae To Make Comeback With Ballad Song In December(Photo : Jungle Entertainment)RB singer and rapper Yoon Mirae has reportedly showed a comeback on Dec. 14 with a ballad track.

According to statements by way of music industry insiders on Nov. 25, the precise date of Yoon Mirae's new song free upwas once finalized.

Her ballad can be released as a virtualunmarriedand may existto be had for download from more than a few online music retailers. Yoon, a musician who has succeeded in the hip-hop, RB, and Soul genres, is exciting enthusiasts equally she prepares for her go back to the music world.

Yoon's old single "Angel," a collaboration with rapper and husband Tiger JK, turned into released in Dec. 2014. After that, she released a 17-song album, "WondaLand," with Tiger JK and Bizzy in March 2015.

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After School’s Raina to Comeback with Self-Composed Single

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After School’s Raina to Comeback with Self-Composed Single Raina, a member of After School and Orange Caramel, may be creating a comeback, this time with a self-composed song!

According to her control corporate on November 23, Raina will be liberating a single called “I Don’t Know” at midday on November 24. this may be her first comeback since her single “You End, And Me.”

The leadership guests said, “Raina has been receiving a huge number of love for her original vocal colour and her methodology as the maximum productive spouse for musician with songs like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Allday Allnight.’” They added, “Raina participated in either writing the song and the lyrics for ‘I Don’t Know.’ This will mark the start of her profession as a singer-songwriter.”

Meanwhile, Raina participated in the nameless making a song show, “King of Mask Singer” on November 22 and inspired many with her fantastic voice.

SNSD′s Tiffany unearths main points on Taetiseo′s December Comeback

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SNSD′s Tiffany unearths main points on Taetiseo′s December Comeback

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Tiffany hinted at Taetiseo′s December comeback.

SNSD held a press convention for the group′s fourth exclusive concert Girls′ Generation 4th excursion Phantasia - in Seoul at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on November 22, where a reporter asked about Taetiseo′s upcoming promotions, to which Tiffany responded, "We′re in the overall stages of production. it is going to most certainly pop out in time for the vacation season."

She continued, "We′re operating on placing in combination a laugh song that would serve to be a pleasing gift in December. We′d like for fanatics to hear SNSD′s music with type till December 2015."

SNSD′s fourth exclusive concert Girl’s Generation 4th Tour Phantasia - in Seoul was once held over two days from November 21 to 22. now not most effective is SNSD the primary girl staff in Korea to hang a headlining concert tour for the fourth time, it's the group′s first concert in two years and five months because the 2013 show.

As the concert holds a unique meaning, the girls put numerous paintings into the degree production. International famend choreographer Rino Nakasone, who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown and Janet Jackson, become in control of the whole production, and a 50m x 13m stage in addition a 17m x 15m primary LED screen were a collection of the grand-scale capabilities of the concert.

Tiffany said, "Although a couple of months have passed since we promoted together as a group, we at all times say, ′It was a satisfied and fun promotion period.′ When i glance back at the year 2015, i suspect there can be so much of pleased memories. yet i believe all the individuals will make a selection SNSD activities."

Tiffany concluded by potential of saying, "Personally, since the finish of ultimate year, I ran with the plan to turn 2015 into SNSD′s year at the aspect of the members. SNSD activities were the maximum memorable, and because the begining of the year, we′ve participated in quite much of person and community activities, from concerts, solo albums and acting, and there′s a present waiting in December, so I′d like to visit the end and wrap up the year as SNSD."

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