Hyoris Homestay PD Discusses Lee Sang Soons Popularity

Hyoris Homestay PD Discusses Lee Sang Soons Popularity

JTBCs variety show Hyoris Homestay has brought unexpected popularity to Lee Hyoris husband, Lee Sang Soon.

He has maintained a considerate and easygoing image throughout, earning the love of viewers.

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About this, the producing director Ma Geon Young said on September 16, The older generation of parents had the idea that if the husband was warm and kind, he wasnt manly. As the generation changes, I think the expression of their emotions is becoming more natural. Although men used to hide the warm sides of themselves in the past, now, there are lots of men who are good at expressing themselves. Thats why they show that on broadcast as well.

He then said, Its giving up on your own comfort in consideration for your significant other, and both men and women do it. I think its looking at it from a patriarchal societys point of view to only say such things about the husband.

Although there are lots of husbands on TV, Lee Sang Soons popularity is unmatched. About that, Ma Geon Young analyzed, I think the image of men caring for the woman on TV was very different from what women actually wanted. In dramas, for instance, men show care for women in certain ways regardless of whether the woman wants that of them. What men think of as consideration is different from what women think.

He said, I think the person who is showing consideration for his significant other exactly in a way that she wants is Lee Sang Soon. Hes not considerate to her because he thinks women will like it, but because it comes naturally to him. He doesnt mean to be considerate, but he is.

Meanwhile, Hyoris Homestay airs every Sunday. The last episode will be on September 24.