Hyorin Is The Reason Behind SISTAR Disbandment? Starship Entertainment Weighs In

Hyorin Is The Reason Behind SISTAR Disbandment? Starship Entertainment Weighs In

K-Pop communities are mourning over SISTAR that has just announcement its disbandment recently. Speculations and rumors started spreading soon as the girl group released an official statement to announce the disbandment. Starship Entertainment, SISTAR’s label, breaks its silence to reveal the truth behind SISTAR’s disbandment.

According to a report from Allkpop, Starship’s representative stated that Hyorin is the one who initiated the disbandment. A report suggested that SISTAR has one rule: if a member expresses her wish to leave, then SISTAR has no other choice but disbandment. Unfortunately, Hyorin, who’s known for her powerful vocal in the group, was the one who decided to leave the group, leaving other members to go on separate ways even if they still have the desire to promote as SISTAR.

The source proceeded to reveal that Hyorin is always passionate about her solo career. “Now or later, her wish will be the same even if they still promote as a group. And perhaps that’s why she always persisted,” added the source.

As a result, the members now have to go separate ways. Soyou, Hyorin, and Bora will continue promoting as singers, while Dasom reportedly will shift her career into acting.

Meanwhile, SISTAR has officially bid farewell to fans with its final performance on “Inkigayo”, June 4, Soompi reported. The queens of summer performed their hit song “Lonely” followed by a special medley.

The members took it to Instagram to wrap up their 7 years of the journey under SISTAR. Bora, Soyu, and Dasom uploaded a photo of the group, and Hyorin posted a collage of all the members’ pictures with caption: I was happy, SISTAR.

SISTAR has done remarkably since its debut in 2010 with single “Push Push.” Unlike other idol groups, SISTAR never had any scandals or conflicts that may be the factor why it never changed its lineup. SISTAR has left a huge impact in the history of K-Pop and without it, summer would never be the same again.