Hyorin Announces That She Will Be Striking Out On Her Own Without Starship Entertainment

Hyorin Announces That She Will Be Striking Out On Her Own Without Starship Entertainment

Former SISTAR member Hyorin has finally come to a decision about her future.

On September 9, the singer posted a handwritten letter to her fans on her personal Instagram. In it she announced that she would be striking out on her own without an agency for the time being.

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Hello everyone and Star1 [SISTARs fanclub name], she wrote. It feels like its been a long time. Im sorry for delivering this news late when everyone must have been curious about what I would be doing. I have decided to write for the first time in a while to tell everyone my story.

She continued, I considered this for a very long time. How I should make my new start, what kind of music I should show you in the future. After thinking and thinking, although I am lacking many things still, I decided to strike out on my own.

For the past 7 years, as a singer, as SISTARs Hyorin, the fact that I was able to stand in this spotlight was due to my Starship Entertainment family and SISTAR members. I want to show them my gratitude that cannot be contained in words and I will work to repay the all the good fortune Ive received.

She concluded, Although Im a little afraid of the approaching future, Im also excited for my new start. Although there will be many difficult things with starting alone, I will not lose sight of what it means to be Hyorin. With courage in hand, I will take it step by step into the future.

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It has been three months since Hyorins contract with Starship expired and SISTAR disbanded. Bora signed with a new agency, Hook Entertainment, to pursue her acting career, while Soyou and Dasom resigned with Starship.