Hyolyn Reveals Sistar Comeback And Message To Haters

Hyolyn Reveals Sistar Comeback And Message To Haters

Sistar’s Hyolyn is no doubt one of the most popular K-pop icons in our generation. Now, during a guest appearance at MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay”, she reveals that her girl group, Sistar, is in for a big comeback.

During the Korean show, Hyolyn gave her fans a hopeful message saying that summer is fast approaching and because of it, they can expect to see Sistar’s comeback really soon. With this, one can clearly see that Hyolyn, after having a successful solo career during his concert tour in the U.S. will be back with her group as they take on the world stage once more.

On the other hand, Hyolyn also took the opportunity to address to all of her haters. According to Soompi, Hyolyn talks about her haters, as well as the hurtful messages aimed at her that are on the internet.

During the show, Hyolyn says that there is no doubt that she gets to find a lot of flattering and inspiring messages about her in social media. However, the sad part of it is that she also finds hurtful messages about her.

According to Soompi, she says that there are still a lot of people who attack her even in the smallest of all issues. This proves that there is no assurance that you will be safe from all of the bashers and haters even though it seems like you are at the top of your career. This is because this is the reality of the showbiz, music, or K-pop industry as a whole, and Hyolyn seems to have enough of it.

To answer back to all of her haters and hurtful messages aimed towards here, she says that if they meet them in real life, she won’t bother but get back at them and she won’t leave them alone.

Indeed, Sistar’s Hyolyn is a good example of strong women. Meanwhile, let’s all be pumped up for Sistar’s upcoming comeback. It’ll surely be marvelous.