Hwang Seung Un dominates the courts in ‘Ceci’ pictorial

Hwang Seung Un dominates the courts in ‘Ceci’ pictorial

Actress Hwang Seung Un served fans a unique photoshoot with ‘Ceci’, portraying a tennis player!

In her photos, the actress shows off her competitive charm on the courts dressed in a classic, pure white tennis uniform. She completes the look with a white visor to compliment her uniform and her racket. Simple yet fierce, the actress also dons a black crop top with white shorts, knee high socks, white shoes, and the iconic Yonex racket. 

In regard to her figure, the actress stated, “Everyday for an hour I do home training. I tried everything in terms of dieting, even trying to gain fat, but I realized that the most effective way to diet is to control portion sizes and to exercise diligently. To maintain the figure of my lower body, I do pilates.” 

Check out Hwang Seung Un’s photos! 

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