Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin’s Surprise Reunion!

Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin’s Surprise Reunion!

Actress Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin were spotted spending time together at a resort near Namhae area in South Korea. These two beautiful actresses have known each other for a long time, starting from their girl-group days. Both debuted in the showbiz industry as a part of the 4 members girl-group, Sugar, back in 2002.

(2nd from the left: Hwang Jung-eum, 3rd from the left: Park Soo-jin)

This sweet reunion happened because Park Soo-jin was visiting her honeymoon place with her husband and son for their 2 years anniversary and Hwang Jung-eum happened to be on a prenatal care trip. Their different schedule did not allow their meeting for a long time but it is told that they enjoyed each other’s company by swimming and talking about babies together.

Their conversation probably consisted of shared interests at this time such as marriage, pregnancy and giving birth, which would have given them a sense of unity and rebuild their friendship which was lost for a bit of time after they went their separate ways in 2006, as group Sugar was disbanded.

Actress Hwang Jung-eum have been spending a lot of time in her prenatal care and few people commented that she is going such extra mile for it but many agreed that this is a well-deserved rest and care she needed after a long, exhausting work load and to prepare for her baby.