How would you react if you witnessed a man abusing a woman in the middle of the street?

How would you react if you witnessed a man abusing a woman in the middle of the street?

Dating abuse has become a serious issue in Korea. To address the awareness, a YouTube Channel decided to conduct an experiment hoping to find out how people would react while witnessing a violent interaction.

Surprisingly enough, the results were quite shocking as you can see in the video above.

On May 12, a YouTube Channel named ‘THE PONGS’ posted a video featuring a couple acting a dating abuse scenario.

In the footage, a man and woman stood face to face in the middle of a busy street, as the man, who was playing the role of a boyfriend, was raising his voice at her.

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“What did I do wrong?” the girlfriend asked when the boyfriend exclaimed, “Do you wanna get hit again?” raising his arm.

The girl then said, “People are looking at us.” However, the man ignored her comment and said, “Do you want to die?”

Despite the argument happening in the middle of the street and escalating to physical abuse, pedestrians just stared from afar, and failed to help, not wanting to get involved in the couple’s situation.

Soon, the verbal fight turned into a physical one as people still refused to bud in, and instead moved away from the couple as the fight escalated.

After some time, a man who appeared to be a student walked up to the man courageously and reprimanded the boyfriend of his wrongdoings saying,”It’s not right to hit a woman.”

The man then continued, “It’s not right to do this to any woman. The man has to show proper respect to the woman.”

The video illustrated the critical aspect of the problem, as records show more than 600 incidents of dating abuse were reported over the past five years. Especially men in their 20s and 30s were the main offenders, with 80% of women being the victims.

Thanks to this experiment, many are becoming more aware of dating abuse.

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