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G-Friend sound unbelievably candy in "Flower Bud" spotlight medley

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G-Friend sound unbelievably 
candy in

Get excited for G-Friend"s candy go back to the tune scene!

The women made a touch with their great younger and adorable de yet with "Glass Bead" a couple of months ago, yet could be go backing with the similar sound that many have enjoyed. Their album, "Flower Bud," already has a large number of promising tracks as you'll tell by means of the newly released spotlight medley.

I, for one, am great excited as it sounds truly just right. check it out for yourself above!

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f(x)"s Krystal Shows What Flower Power is All About

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F(x)′s Krystal has brought out all the colors, flowers and hats for spring.

The singer recently posed in a charismatic hip-hop style for a spread in Harper′s Bazaar, from which photos were released on April 26.

She wears items from the female clothing brand Club Monaco, and among the bright flower patterns, she managed to look chic and charismatic in settings from Brooklyn, New York that are equally colorful.

An official commented, "Krystal managed to fit the colorful jackets and pants, showing off her slim body."

The spread will be released with the May issue of Harper′s Bazaar.

Photo credit: Harper′s Bazaar

Girls Generation, Flower Power Performance, Shocking Outfits and Perfect Army Dance

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Girls Generation, Flower Power Performance, Shocking Outfits and Perfect Army Dance

girls generation, flower power

snsd flower power performanceGirl group Girls' Generation (SNSD) performed their song "Flower Power."

In Japanese TBS "Tuesday Song," SNSD came out and performed their song "Flower Power."

On this day, Girls Generation showed perfect army dance moves and vocal skills. They also wore shocking outfits that showed their bellies with long boots.

Internet users who saw this commented, "This is epic," "So pretty," and "The best."

Photo Credit: TBS 'Tuesday Song'

Flower Power Single First Listen

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SNSDs 6th Japanese single Flower Power is now out!  If youd like to buy, more info here.

The physical release of the single will be available next week on November 21st, but you can also get it on iTunes Japan now!  Take a listen to the tracks below!

Theres also a bonus track on the single!  Its a mash up of all their songs from their 2nd Japanese album.  Have a listen below.


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Girls’ Generation brings out their 6th Japanese single “Flower Power”

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Girls’ Generation brings out their 6th Japanese single “Flower Power”

Girls’ Generation has finally returned to the Japanese music scene with their sixth Japanese single “Flower Power”.

Prior to the official release, “Flower Power” has already had high ranking on Japan’s Recochoku chart.

The newly released single consists of 3 tracks: “Flower Power”, “Beep Beep” and a “Smash-Up” track.

Take a listen to the tracks below!

Girls’ Generation brings their performance of “Flower Power” to ‘Kayou Kyoku!’ in Japan

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Girls’ Generation brings their performance of “Flower Power” to ‘Kayou Kyoku!’ in Japan

Girls’ Generation brought their performance of their 6th Japanese single “Flower Power“ to the stage of TBS music show ‘Kayou Kyoku!‘ on November 13th.

The nine girls performed on this “Aki no Ongakusai 2-hour live special” alongside other Japanese artists including famous girl group AKB48.

Take a look at their impressive performance below!

Girls’ Generation hits #1 on Recochoku’s daily chart with “Flower Power”

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Girls’ Generation hits #1 on Recochoku’s daily chart with “Flower Power”

Girls’ Generation recently pre-released a Japanese track titled “Flower Power” from their upcoming album and the song quickly ranked #1 on Recochoku’s daily chart.

Congratulations to Girls Generation!

Meanwhile, the groups upcoming album , which will include 12 new tracks, is set to be release on November 28th.

Girls Generation's "Flower Power" Ranks #1 On Japan's Recochoku Chart

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Girls Generation's

If you ring up a Japanese cell phone number, the chances of the call forwarding ringtone being a Girls Generation song is quite likely.

Girls’ Generation‘s new Japanese title song “Flower Power” recently ranked first on Japan’s Recochoku‘s call forwarding ringtone daily chart almost instantaneously after the ringtone's release.

This is nothing new for the girls as their previous releases "Oh!" and "Mr. Taxi" had also topped the same chart in the past.

The Girls Generation full album will be released on November 28th, on the heels of "Flower Power"'s release on November 21st.

Flower Power Tops Recochoku Charts~

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Flower Power Tops Recochoku Charts~

SNSD has once again proved their popularity in Japan!

On November 8, SNSD has topped the call forwarding ringtone daily chart on the Recochoku with their 6th Japanese single, Flower Power. Recochoku is one of the biggest mobile ringtone site in Japan.

The chart counts total numbers of downloads of songs from online MP3 stores. SNSD also topped on Recochoku’s charts in the past with hits Oh! and Mr. Taxi.

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Shoujo Jidai Brings Out the Flower Power for Japan

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First it was Gee, then it was Genie,  followed by Mr. Taxi, Time Machine, Run Devil Run, Oh, All My Love is For You, Paparazzi, and now SNSD or, as they are known to the land of the rising sun, Shoujo Jidai once again are setting out to stake a claim in the Japanese music market with their new Japanese original Flower Power.

Im just going to get straight to itwhen SNSD went Shoujo Jidai, I was almost entirely skeptical of what they could accomplishthe girls Japanese is just absolutely grating at times and their presence in J-pop wouldnt be exactly unique (Japan has plenty of their own enormous girl groups that abound  the J-pop scene). Not to mention that their remakes still included some Korean lyrics, which I found rather inappropriate in a crossover attempt, but hey, theyre not my nine money-making angels.

But much to my own surprise, for the most part, Shoujo Jidai brought the Japanese boys and girls out and their numbers on the charts were no blatant secret. Ive also found their Japanese concepts to be more palatable and in fact more flattering that their Korean equivalents. In short, despite all the ups and downs that comes with crossing music markets, Ive always had my eyes looking out for Shoujo Jidai. And that is exactly why when Flower Power dropped, I pounced on it.

Flower Power is supposed to convey the story of a girl trying to shake a pursuer on the dance floor, and for the most part, the MV sort of accomplishes that much. We open to 20 seconds of silence as the MV sets up (believe me I check other uploads, they all have this 20 second silence) and then get  a glimpse of the dance floor and sneak peak of GG Airlines, or the concept of the upcoming Shoujo Jidai album Girls and Peace.

When the bass finally hits, so does the choreography, and the girls have never looked better. I love that everyone went back to dark chocolate and black shades for their hair, save Hyo and Sunny, who look better blonde anyways. The black and red leather jumpsuits are to die forfinally a wardrobe that doesnt look like cheap neoprene and a couples belts were thrown together the night before.

I loved the way the club feel for this MV was constructed, which including the tiles and concrete walls as well as the many flashing lights and signs. The lettering was also a cute way to transition between scenes, which also added the night-life feel to the overall aesthetic. One thing that really irked though is the air hostess cosplay. It totally threw me off and for a second I couldnt tell what I was seeing, partly because the airplane scene was so flooded in white lights that I was blinded and couldnt see and partly because I wasnt sure if the girls had turned into nurses or flashy maids.

I mean knew they were supposed to be air hostesses in an attempt to prelude Girls and Peace, but the incorporation of this set was so off that I didnt see it right away. Honestly, if they wanted to hint at Girls and Peace, there had to been a more subtle way of doing it that wouldnt compromise the song and the MV that had insofar been pretty well constructed. And somebody rip that wig off SunnyI never want to see it again, who ever thought it was a good idea doesnt deserve to work in the industry anymore.

Another problem I had was the choreography.  Im still in this love-hate tango about it. Its actually a very ornate and detailed choreography that plays up bold presentation with delicate accentuations, and overall it matches the song to a tee.

The only problem is that this is not the right choreography for a group of nine. More detail also means more discrepancy in synchronization, and at times the girls look disjointed and, dare I say, messy in formation. Also, somebody please post a starving child ad for Yoona. This girl is too skinny, its starting to freak me out.

Despite its flaws and the harsh pronunciation, Flower Power has been growing in me the more I play it. But will Shoujo Jidai be able to enchant Japanese audiences with their flower power? What do we think?

Overall rating: 3 out of 5

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