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Hanhae From “Show Me the money 4″ to free up Solo Album

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Hanhae From “Show Me the money 4″ to Unlock Solo Album On August 26, it have become once printed that rapper Hanhae is showed to be in arrangements to release a solo album. Previously, the rapper released his first solo album “365″ in January previous this year. Following this, he have become a contestant on Mnet’s “Show Me the money 4″ and won attention for his talents and looks.

His next solo album is determined to be released someday early September and should feature songs with autobiographical content. On August 28, he's going to be settling on his identify song with his enthusiasts all the way thru “Brand New TV” thru Kakao TV.

A representative extra explained, “The identify song can be selected after letting enthusiasts pay attention candidate songs and paying attention to their opinions. it's far stuffed with songs that reflect his heart.”

While on “Show Me the money 4,” Hanhae have become once on San E and Verbal Jint’s team and in the end have become once removed all the way thru the July 31 episode.

However, the Phantom member undoubtedly won enthusiasts and awareness from his stint at the show and have become once even currently featured in a CF for SK Telecom.

Are you eager about his upcoming solo album?

Simon D releases free single 'Money Don't Lie'

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Simon D releases free single 'Money Don't Lie'

Simon Dominic surprises his fans with a release of new track 'Money Don't Lie'.

The official audio is uploaded through AOMG's official Soundcloud account. He tweeted, " I have a surprise gift before the release of Metronome. I'll release a solo song for free #aomg#simondominic#hustle."

Yes you heard it form him. It's absolutely free, so go and listen. Meawhile, Simon D is also featured in Jay Park's upcoming single 'Metronome' which will be released on April 11.

GOT7 Get Festive in candy “Confession Song” MV

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GOT7 Get Festive in Sweet “Confession Song” MV The boys of GOT7 are some beautiful awesome matchmakers in their newest tune video for “Confession Song.”

On November 23 at nighttime KST, the gang released the repackaged edition in their fourth mini album “MAD.” The identify song of “MAD wintry weather Edition” is “Confession Song,” a sweet and festive track that will unquestionably get lovers excited for the vacation season.

In the music video, GOT7 give a little lend a hand to high school boys who would like to confess their love to their crushes. dressed in massive Rudolph head costumes, the participants snatch some scholars and take them to the college gym, which the boys of GOT7 have became the easiest holiday wonderland with decorated trees and romantic lighting.

And once the couples in the end meet and confess their love, GOT7 go all out as they congratulate them with satisfied dances, pretend snow, and confetti.

Check out the sweet and amusing music video below!

got7 mad mini album Make stronger the artist by way of purchasing MAD Winter Edition from YesAsia Related

g.o.d to free up a new song at the finish of the year!

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g.o.d to free up a new song at the finish of the year!

Legendary workforce g.o.d will be making a return again!

the crowd will have a concert in December, yet they"ll be freeing a new song ahead of that. All five participants are these days filming the MV for the hot song together. OSEN was told, "g.o.d"s new song can be a virtual single, and it"ll be released before the concert at the end of the year."

Sidus HQ confirmed, "It"s true that they"re making ready a new song. We"ll be releasing song data comparable to the name and the genre next week."

Are you taking a look ahead to their new song?

g.o.d to free up New unmarried forward of Solo Concerts in December

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g.o.d to Release New Single Prior to Solo Concerts in December Group g.o.d will make a comeback as a complete once more!

According to insiders on November 22, g.o.d could be freeing a new song before their solo concert in December. The five participants are recently in combination and filming the track video for the hot song.

An partner said, “This new g.o.d song is a virtual single, and it is going to be published ahead of the concert at the finish of the year.” g.o.d’s control corporate showed the news, saying, “It’s true that they're making ready for a new song. The name and genre of the song in addition other data will be revealed next week.”

Meanwhile g.o.d’s concert will run from December 16 to December 20, and the new single is certain to get enthusiasts excited for it.

Video Seventeen′s Vocal Team Gets candy in Unreleased ′Today′s Room′ Clip

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Video Seventeen′s Vocal Team Gets candy in Unreleased ′Today′s Room′ Clip

--> Seventeen′s vocal team showed off its unforeseen adorable charms.

The Seventeen members′ never-before-seen self camera pictures from their talk over with to Mnet′s Today′s Room was once released on November 18.

The vocal team members, made up of Seung Kwan, Woozi, DK, Joshua, Jeong Han, showed off their more than a few charms via their self-cams. The individuals stuck the fans′ attention with their specifically good-looking looks.

Their reside performances were the cherry on best in the unreleased clip.

Lim Seulong to free up virtual unmarried Album ′Melatonin′ on November 20

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Lim Seulong to free up virtual unmarried Album ′Melatonin′ on November 20

--> Lim Seulong has snuck up on lovers with news of a new virtual unmarried album.

Lim Seulong′s electronic single album Melatonin can be released on November 20, and he′s set to transport hearts with his dreamlike voice.

The digital single album, set to drop at midday on November 20, will involve two tracks that spotlight Lim Seulong′s musical style, adding the lead single Melatonin and Witcher.

Melatonin is a tune encouraged via the hormone associated with biorhythms, conveying a message to other people at the pass always and littered with insomnia in the fashionable age, to reside luckily doing what you love. Witcher is a lovely song about love with a dreamlike sound.

Lim Seulong composed and wrote either songs on digital single album, showcasing his enlargement as a singer-songwriter, and American mastering engineer Ted Jensen mastered the album.

Melatonin will be released on music sites in the dark on November 20.

Soldier Yunho writes a candy message to Siwon ahead of his military enlistment

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Soldier Yunho writes a candy message to Siwon ahead of his military enlistment

Yunho could be anticipating Siwon with open arms!  He is already in the army whilst the latter is set to be enlisted.

Siwon posted on his Instagram a individually written letter he gained from his SM senior on November 17.  He wrote, "The provide from Soldier Yun with fantastic sense.  Thank you." 

The handwritten letter reads, "Siwon, write often.  Always feel free and write smartly when you"re in the army.  I purchased this with my own money.  Congratulations on turning into a soldier.  Also, I enjoyed your drama. Amazing."  

A photo posted via SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on Nov 16, 2015 at 10:43pm PST

EXID’s Hani Sings a candy Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend”

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EXID’s Hani Sings a Sweet Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend” EXID’s Hani makes the entire male fans’ hearts flutter when she sings a sweet lullaby.

On November 16, a video clip of Hani making a song a lullaby used to be posted on YouTube. In the clip, Hani sings the song “Kiss Me” by skill of Sixpence None the Richer so as to lend a hand her “boyfriend” fall asleep.

Her voice mesmerizes the listener as she sings the song. The fanatics who saw the clip utterly fell for her charms and commented, “I’d love to hear her singing each evening prior to I move to bed.”

EXID is these days in the direction of making ready for their comeback, their identify tune “Hot Pink” drops later this week on November 18!

Check out the video clip of Hani’s lullaby here.

2NE1′s Sandara Park Posts candy Photo with SHINee′s Jonghyun

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2NE1′s Sandara Park Posts candy Photo with SHINee′s Jonghyun

--> 2NE1 member and Sugar Man MC Sandara Park shared a candy moment with this week′s display man SHINee′s Jonghyun.

She posted a photo with Jonghyun on November 17, writing "This week′s #SugarMan #Showman !!! He′s a good-looking boy with a sweet voice, yet he has a monster voice, SHINee′s major vocalist #Jonghyun !!! Even though I′ve observed him on song systems all of the time, we′re at all times waiting backstage, so I′ve most effective heard him or visible the back of his head. But seeing him carry out with my own eyes, I know now why they say SHINee SHINee!!! I believe like this week′s fight is going to be a pageant between polar contrary charms!!! though it′s a competition, revel in the nice music, win or lose~!!! Ah, having a look ahead to it!!!"

Sandara Park and Jonghyun are considered status facet by ability of side, posing sweetly for the camera.

Tune in to JTBC′s Two Yoo Task - Sugar Man tonight, November 17, to catch Jonghyun take the stage.

Photo credit: Sandara Park′s Instagram