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UEE, too skinny

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UEE, too skinny

UEE attended the production premiere of the new SBS drama "High Society" on the 3rd.

She appeared in a mini dress, showing off her legs.

Meanwhile, "High Society" starring UEE and Seong Joon will be broadcasted for the first time on the 8th.

Kim Sae Ron"s new photoshoot, absolutely skinny legs

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Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron is blossoming into a very attractive woman, no doubt, many K-drama fans notice that, but still she"s causing a stir among netizens with her absolutely skinny legs.

She poses for TBJ Nearby, as usual she poses professionally in her latest photoshoot, then it comes the "absolutely skinny legs" comment again, check out what they said about her legs

1. That"s what we call chicken legs

3. She is born in 2000, she"s still a secondary school kid after all

SHINee’s Jonghyun Wants To Wear Colorful Skinny Jean and Perform "Replay" at "Totoga" in 20 Years

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SHINee’s Jonghyun Wants To Wear Colorful Skinny Jean and Perform

SHINee’s Jonghyun recently shared quality time with his beloved fans on a special picnic!

The March 5th broadcast of MBC Music’s live program Picnic Live will feature Jonghyun as the first participant in 2015, who will be sharing his honest stories and life’s turning point under the theme of ‘Half Time Day’ with 30 of his fans.

Jonghyun introduced the fans’ stories related to future career, love, army enlistment and more as he shared his sincere advice. He revealed, “The turning point in my life is right now, as I have released a solo album as a member of SHINee.”

He then looked back at the past eight years of promotions and named some of the most special moments, including his debut days of singing Replay in colorful skinny jeans and crying after receiving his first daesang six years after his debut.

When the fans asked which song he wants to sing if he were to appear on Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (Totoga) 20 years from now, he answered, “I would definitely sing Replay. I would also wear the colorful skinny jeans,” as he happily imagined himself in 20 years.

On this day, Jonghyun presented his explosive singing skills and musical sentiments on the live stage, showing his side as an artist instead of an idol.

Jonghyun opened the stage by singing Deja-Boo along with Zion. T and performed Love Belt for the first time, captivating the audience members with his romantic harmony with Younha.

Picnic Live featuring Jonghyun’s honest thoughts on his life’s turning point as well as special collaboration stages with Zion. T and Younha will air on March 5 at 6 p.m. (KST)

Too skinny or just right? Netizens ponder Son Dam Bi"s latest selca

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Too skinny or just right? Netizens ponder Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi"s latest Instagram post is raising eyebrows and alarming netizens as some speculate that she may have lost too much weight recently and others think she has the perfect body. Previously, the singer-turned-actress who is currently acting in "What"s With This Family?" admitted to losing 7 kg (15.4 lbs) from eating just one meal a day, so her new, thinner figure is garnering some buzz.

She uploaded the picture onto Instagram on January 7 and wrote, "It has been so long since I exercised, so I"m all knocked out at the end of it all. I just woke up... Whew, when will I sleep? Let"s exercise consistently."

The selca shows a side view of her body in the locker room and received a mixed response from netizens.

The article quoted netizens, who said, "Son Dam Bi is peaking lately," and, "I"m envious of Son Dam Bi"s body," while netizens commented in response to the article itself in a different way with the top rated comments saying, "She was fine before, but now she is too skinny.. She looks anorexic.. I feel like her body would be pretty if she gained some weight.. Her acting is.. not that great....," "Is she anorexic?? Why"d she get so skinny;;;;;;," and, "She got too thin."

A photo posted by 손담비 (@xodambi) on Jan 1, 2015 at 8:06am PST

Jung Joon Young jokes about his weight and skinny frame

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Jung Joon Young jokes about his weight and skinny frame

Jung Joon Young joked about his weight and skinny frame on the July 1st broadcast of KBS Radio Cool FM"s "Lee Sora"s Gayo Plaza".

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The rock singer is known for his deep, earthy vocals, but his slight frame and lean body are definitely part of his trademark look. DJ Lee So Ra asked him, "You recently appeared on "SNL Korea" wearing tights. How was it?" 

Jung Joon Young answered, "People said I looked like a small octopus." Fellow guest Kim Ji Min added, "You"re really skinny. Can I ask you how many kg you weigh?" He answered, "I"m around 60 kg (~132 lbs), and I"m 183cm (~6") tall. I"m happy with my body."

He was also asked whether he prefers small, fragile women or women with muscular bodies. He answered, "I like small, fragile women! Wait, I thought you meant that as in sexy?"

Jung Joon Young is currently promoting his latest song "Teenager".

Park Shin Hye, “I Need Exercise Because I’m Not Skinny”

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Park Shin Hye, “I Need Exercise Because I’m Not Skinny”

Actress Park Shin Hye shared her secrets to nice body. On the most recent episode of the MBC entertainment news program "Section TV Entertainment News," which aired on June 29, 2014, actress Park Shin Hye made her appearance in an interview and said she loves to play sports. Park Shin Hye said, "Frankly speaking, I am not skinny so I need constant exercise. I like water so in the summer, I like to play water sports." Park Shin Hye shared that she is currently filming the movie "The Tailors" with director Lee Won Suk, and said, "In July, I plan to have fan meetings in various Asian countries."

"TV News At Night" with Sin Min-ah, "I want to be skinny for once"

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On the SBS show "TV News At Night" on the 28th, Sin Min-ah explained the things she said.

Known for her figure, Sin Min-ah once said in the past, "I want a skinny body". She also said, "I don't struggle to become thin, although I'd want to be really skinny for once to look chic".

She also mentioned at an awards ceremony that she had gained a lot of weight, up to 5 kg. She claimed she ate when she wasn't busy and she's not the type to take care of her diet.

Sin Min-ah also mentioned once, "I have been on TV since I was little, so I think my face and condition changes along with time".

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Clara's skinny fit

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Clara's skinny fit

Clara was seen in Cheongdam-dong on the 4th.

She's dressed in warm pastel colors, making her look innocent and pretty, unlike her usual aura of sexiness.

Known to be a fashionista, Clara wore a striped T-shirt with a lightly-colored denim jacket with pink pants that suited well with the spring weather. By rolling up her pants a little bit, she never failed to miss even the smallest things.

Meanwhile, Clara is currently acting in the tvN drama "Emergency Couple" as a bright intern.

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Yoona's 'model-like' skinny figure is pure elegance for JLOOK

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Yoona's 'model-like' skinny figure is pure elegance for JLOOK

SNSD's Yoona proves that her skinny figure is something to be really proud of through her recent pictorial for JLOOK.

In this pictorial, Yoona fitted some lacy elegant long dresses which is hard to fit on.

Yoona wows with her long figure which made her look like professional model. Wearing pastel colored dresses, she appeared like a classy and beautiful spring princess.

See more of her photos below:

SPICA Kim Boah Shows Off Her Skinny Legs

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SPICA Kim Boah Shows Off Her Skinny Legs Girl group SPICA"s member Kim Boa showed off her skinny, pale legs. (Photo : twitter) Girl group SPICA"s member Kim Boah showed off her skinny, pale legs.

Today, Kim Boah posted on her Twitter, "Wow.." along with two pictures.

In the pictures, Kim Boah was sitting on the floor with her legs together. Her pale legs with not even a single scratch caught much attention.

Internet users who saw this commented, "She doesn"t have a single scar," "I"m so jealous of her legs," etc.

Photo Credit: Kim Boah Twitter