How Successful Was The G-Dragon And IU Collaboration

How Successful Was The G-Dragon And IU Collaboration

Hit K-pop singer, IU, is indeed experiencing one of the best moments of her career, as her recent album, “Palette” has just been released. Reports state that IU is very satisfied with her recent recording, claiming it as one of the best written songs throughout her career.

IU says during a recently held media event at the Sinhan Card Fan Square, that she really likes all of the songs in her recently released album. She specifically says that it was what she expected to have.

And because of it, she feels pretty confident that a lot of people would like it wholeheartedly. According to Hello K-pop, IU has released her newest album entitled, “Palette” last April 21. And to date, it is one of the most successful releases she had throughout her entire career.

The name of the lead track is “Palette” and features a retro synth-pop theme to it. One of the undeniable reasons why it is a very popular record release is that the lead vocalist of the hit boy group, G-Dragon, is featured in the song.

This is because IU and G-Dragon are in a collaboration for the album. In the lead track, “Palette”, G-Dragon can be heard rapping out some lines, which perfectly blends with the soft melody of IU’s voice. According to Koogle, the reason why the album and the lead track was named “Palette”, is because she wants to try out a different music genre.

In painting, one uses a palette, which is a wooden board where the different paint colors are mixed up, hence the name, “Palette”.

With this one can see, how IU is the kind of person who has a clear goal in mind, and that is to reach greater heights in life by taking on different music genres. Hopefully, there will be future collaborations between IU and G-Dragon, knowing that their recent collaboration turned out pretty well.