How Sistar's Hyolyn And Changmo 'Blue Moon' Collaboration Go

How Sistar's Hyolyn And Changmo 'Blue Moon' Collaboration Go

There seems to be no stopping to the fame and success that Hyolyn of the hit girl group, Sistar, is having. This is because the K-pop icon once again showed her charm and talent to the public with the recent release of her latest track record.

The release of the much anticipated collab music with Changmo happened last April 14. The project was under the supervision of Starship Entertainment, which is also the management company of Changmo. It is worth noting that the collab recording, “Blue Moon” is a part of the company’s “Starship Project”.

“Starship Project” is a very successful music endeavor of Starship Entertainment as it has already produced numerous successful tracks, such as the collaboration between Baekhyun and Soyou in the track, “Rain”.

According to Soompi, the latest track recording of Hyolyn is done together with Changmo, a well known K-pop rapper. However, what makes this track different from Hyolyn’s previous recordings is that this has been labeled as an EDM track, which features several dance hall elements.

In the music video of “Blue Moon”, one can see its background as Los Angeles. The background perfectly fits Hyolyn’s sparkling look and powerfully husky voice, making it very capable of getting millions of views in a very short amount of time.

It is also worth noting that this is the first time that Hyolyn enters and ventures into EDM, which is also another big milestone for her. “Blue Moon” is under Spinnin’ Records, which is considered as one of the biggest EDM record labels in the whole world.

With all of these being said, one can clearly see how Hyolyn is showing to the world that she can go on with her solo career, without needing the help of her girl group, Sistar. Hopefully, Hyolyn continues to work harder as she continues to achieve more milestones in her career in the K-pop industry.