How Sistar's Bora And Kim Ji Suk First Web Movie “Irish Uppercut” Turned Out

How Sistar's Bora And Kim Ji Suk First Web Movie “Irish Uppercut” Turned Out

There seems to be no stopping to the success of the Sistar’s members as Bora and Kim Ji Suk are in for their first ever web movie entitled, “Irish Uppercut”.

Just recently, Starship Entertainment, the management company of Sistar, has revealed to the public the movie poster. The movie also featured a premiere night which was divided into two parts. It premiered last April 24 and it was indeed a successful one.

The movie, “Irish Upperact” features the two Sistar members with all of their glory as their charm and talent perfectly blends in with each other. The movie also features a stunning Jeju Island backdrop, making the whole feel seem to be very surreal and comfortable.

According to Soompi, Bora plays the role of a beautiful grim reaper named Do Hye Na. It is indeed interesting to see Bora play a character that is as mysterious and unorthodox as Do Hye Na.

This is because Do Hye Na’s life is not going pretty well in the movie. With this, her heart is filled with a lot of negative vibes. However, as she passed away, she unintentionally met Woo Shi Hyung, a friendly and adorable cook that is played by Kim Ji Suk.

Interestingly, they knew each other pretty well as they ventured along the afterlife. As the story progresses, the experiencein a variety of scenes when they were together in a local pub called “Irish Uppercut”.

The story was indeed positively acclaimed by critics and fans alike, as it showed the other side of the two K-pop icons. It also proves that they’re not just about the singing and dancing, but they also know how to deal with the acting industry.

Hopefully, Bora and Kim Ji Suk will have more future movies together, and hopefully, it’s on the big screen.