How Many Hours Did Fans Wait In Line For Wanna One's Debut Album?

How Many Hours Did Fans Wait In Line For Wanna One's Debut Album?

Wanna One fans are growing day by day, right alongside the boy group’s ever-rising popularity. Their albums went on sale on August 8th and fans lined up the streets and store fronts just to get their hands on some official merch!

Around 6 pm, the entrance to the Kyobo Bookstore underground in Gwanghwamun, Seoul was flooded with fans. Fans lined up the stores since early morning so they could be the official first fan to have purchased/own an album! But how long did fans wait in line for this honorary title?

One fan stated, “I only waited 30 minutes in line, I was lucky,” while other fans stated they waited over 2 hours. One fan described the scene as, “Together along both sides of the underpass, there were about 300 women in their 20s standing in three dense lines. It easily doubled over time.”

Alongside the crowded lines, vendors were selling tons of merchandise related to the boy group, from stickers and posters to socks and some even selling pre-sale albums. However, the photo cards seemed to be the most popular items according to reports.

Fans suffered in the heat and withheld their urges to use the bathroom or even eat just to get the merchandise. One fan stated, “I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to lose my place in line because I was waiting by the convenience areas of the underpass. I wasn’t hungry.” What lengths would you go to and how long would you wait for your favorite idols?