How Did VIXX Leo's Photoshoot Go Terribly Wrong?

How Did VIXX Leo's Photoshoot Go Terribly Wrong?

VIXX Leo opened up during the August 31st airing of Korea’s hit radio program ‘Cultwo Show’ alongside DJ Dongwan of Shinwha. Fans were interested in the unique topic of when Leo discussed a photo shoot that encountered a bit of trouble.

During the radio program, VIXX’s Leo discussed when he visited his old school as alumni. He explained he was visiting for a uniform photo shoot when he was kicked out and off the campus!

“I was actually scheduled for a school uniform advertisement that day, and I wondered if it was really okay for me tofilm it,” said Leo. He continued thatI walked into the building wearing torn-up jeans, earrings, a hat and a mask. I explained that I’m an alumnus of the school but the teacher told me that I wasn’t allowed inside and kicked me out.”

His incident caused Dongwan to laugh and he stated that he had been doing uniform advertisement alongside Shinhwa up until the age of 30. Dongwan also expressed for Leo not to be concerned about his overall image, since he will look the same for some time.

What do you think of VIXX’s photo shoot story gone wrong?