How did Lee Dong Gun win over Jo Yoon Hee’s heart?

How did Lee Dong Gun win over Jo Yoon Hee’s heart?

Actress Jo Yoon Hee showed her affection toward boyfriend Lee Dong Gun on the April 25 broadcast of ‘Video Star’!

The MCs decided to call Jo Yoon Hee live during the show. When asked, “We heard Lee Dong Gun is very nice to you. Was there a time you were particularly moved by his actions?” Jo Yoon Hee answered, “It’s every day, what should I do?” making the audience jealous.

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Jo Yoon Hee then shared, “I felt really touched when he came while I was having dinner with my radio crew. Afterward, he even visited bringing food to the staff members. I’m really thankful every time.”

On the other hand, when asked, “When was the time you stirred his emotions?” Jo Yoon Hee replied with a laugh, “I have to start now.” Finally, the MCs said, “What do you like most about Lee Dong Gun?” she coined “his generous heart”, putting a smile on everyone’s faces!

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