How CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun's Philippines Vacation Turned Out

How CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun's Philippines Vacation Turned Out

Lee Jonghyun of the hit boy group, CNBLUE, has just revealed that he has spent his vacation in the Philippines, specifically in the popular tourist destination of Bohol, a province well-known for its Chocolate Hills and white sand beaches. As soon as he set foot on the Filipino province, he immediately posted a couple of photos on his Instagram account, which is why his fans can’t help but also get a ticket to Bohol.

His vacation in the Philippines is proof that he prefers to spend time in the tropical country. This is because he has already been there before, and his recent visit marks as his second time in the country.

It is worth knowing that CNBLUE had performed together with other popular K-pop artists in the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. This was for the One-K concert held in the country.

In the grand concert, he showcased his talents together with other high-profile K-pop icons like PSY, who is best known for the hit single, “Gangnam Style”. According to ABS-CBN News, Lee Jonghyun visited Bohol, specifically the Loboc River, which is well known for its floating restaurant, as well as the Chocolate Hills, which is known throughout the world.

Apart from it, he also visited the endangered primates known as the Tarsier, in the Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsiers are best known for their big eyes. His trip to Bohol is also timed perfectly, because he went to the country as soon as the travel advisory stating the security issue in the Philippine island was through.

There was an advisory which stated public insecurity in the island from April 13 to April 23. If ever you missed the chance to have a glimpse of CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun, he, together with his group will back in the Philippines this coming July for their concert tour.