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SHINee provide a nice "View" with their dance version MV!

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SHINee provide a nice

To thank fans for all the support they"ve been receiving, SHINee have unveiled the "dance edit" version MV for their latest title track "View"!

The boys have been sweeping up wins left and right, but it wouldn"t be possible without the love and support of devoted fans like you! It"s probably why the video description reads, "Thank you all for your love and support to SHINee and "View"! Here"s the give from SHINee, the dance edit version of "View"! Please enjoy!! :)"

So enjoy the "view" through the gift from SHINee above!

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Upcoming Korean movie "House With A Good View - Voyeuristic Desire"

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Upcoming Korean movie

Added the upcoming Korean movie "House With A Good View - Voyeuristic Desire"'s page to HanCinema database

"House With A Good View - Voyeuristic Desire" (2013)

Directed by Jin Dal-rae

The Secret Love of a man who becomes a woman, starts now.

So-hee has been seeing Tae-woo for a long time. One day, a new man named Eun-hyeok appears in front of her and proposes. So-hee has already promised to marry Tae-woo so she's not easily moved by Eun-hyeok's proposal. She refuses him by saying she loves women more than men and he becomes shocked. He goes under gender transplant to go back to her and becomes a woman named Eun-joo.

Eun-joo moves close to So-hee and Tae-woo's honeymoon house. She watches their life day by day. She plots to take So-hee away from Tae-woo...

Release date in Korea : 2013/11/20

Jewelry Joo Yeon Reveals Luxurious House in U.S. 'So Nice~'

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Jewelry Joo Yeon Reveals Luxurious House in U.S. 'So Nice~' ha ju yeon house in statesGroup Jewelry's Joo Yeon revealed her house in the U.S..

Yesterday, Ha Joo Yeon posted on her Twitter, "I'm spending my last Thanksgiving holiday in my U.S. house yoyoyo. Please stay in touch because Jewelry is making their comeback soon. LOOK AT ME." along with a picture.

In the picture, Ha Ju Yeon is wearing sunglasses and a sleeveless blue shirt. Her house looks like a luxurious resort.

Internet users who saw this commented, "I'm jealous of her house", "I want to spend my holidays in a place like that too", "It's a regular house in the States but I'm jealous", "So nice~", etc.

Jewelry will be making their comeback on October 11th, with their new album 'Look At Me'.

Photo Credit: Ha Ju Yeon Twitter

[Video] Upcoming Korean movie "House With A Good View"

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[Video] Upcoming Korean movie

Added the upcoming Korean movie "House With A Good View"'s page to HanCinema database (2012)

Directed by Lee Soo-seong

With Kwak Hyeon-hwa, Ha Na-kyeong, Oh Seong-tae,...

Two women with different personalities have met!

Ara (Han Na-kyeong) who works as a head of department at a people agency is an enthusiastic woman who meets secretly with her male clients just for the fun. On the other hand, Mi-yeon (Gwak Hyeon-hwa) hates the men who stare at her body so bluntly. One day she finds out someone is watching her secretly from the house across from her and she feels aroused, making her reveal even more...

Release date in Korea : 2012/10/25

SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

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SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

Rapper Gary exhibits his bachelor"s pad in newest episode of "Running Man" where every contributors were assigned to a spouse for a couple-race assignment.

When learning that he was once paired with Gary, Haha paid a wonder consult with to Gary"s candy home, revealing Gary"s non-public space for the primary time on air.

As Haha rummaged via Gary"s house, it turned into printed that the rapper has his own studio and paintings area installed correct at domestic where he produced more than one hit tracks for Leessang and himself. The rapper also had a spacious living room and a room full of shoes and snapback hats.

Check out Gary"s sweet pad below!

Gary Finds house for the primary Time on “Running Man”

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Gary Exhibits Homestead for the 1st Time on “Running Man” Gary has published what his space seems like for the first time at the upcoming episode of “Running Man!”

The theme for the impending race is “Weak Men” and the visitors are Kim Kwang Gyu, Park Soo Hong, Jo Jung Chi, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top’s Niel. Ahead of they head out on the camping trip, they have got to marvel their spouse at their house.

Haha is teamed up with Gary in this episode and is going at once to his house, revealing it on camera for the first time. he's shocked by ability of Gary’s massive sneaker series and his own track production studio. He may be surprised that the home is hastily neat.

In the race, the pair is tied along side a rope all day, which instantly away reasons complications when one of them has to visit the bathroom.

The episode will be broadcast on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the ultimate episode here:

Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

Actor Jeong Joon-ho brought laughter with his two other sides. at the November 18th episode of MBC"s new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Sweet, Savage Famiy", Yoon Tae-soo (Jeong Joon-ho) showed off his unforeseen appeals.

Yoon Tae-soo used to be charismatic when having finished his obligations for his boss Baek Man-bok (Kim Eung-soo).

However, when he got here home, he became a doting husband for his wife Eun-ok (Moon Jeong-hee). The unexpected appeals with the 2 alternative aspects captivated the hearts of drama fans.

Drama "Sweet, Savage Famiy" is a comedy circle of relatives drama depicting the lifestyles of a household head, who lives two the different lives as a chairman of a robust crook undertaking and an unnoticed husband and a dad inside of home.

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Choo Sarang Insists on talking Korean at house on “The go back of Superman”

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Choo Sarang Insists on communicating Korean at Abode on “The Return of Superman” Choo Sarang’s Korean abilities appear to fortify daily, making her grandparents proud.

On the November 15 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Sarang and her dad talk over with her grandparents’ area in Osaka. It’s been 10 months since their old visit.

During the show, Choo Sung Hoon displays off his shaky Korean talents through misspelling “I love you.” Sarang then scolds him for the use of Japanese.

When Sarang spots him speaking to his mom in Japanese, she says, “Dad, why are you speaking to grandma in Japanese? You will have to now not be speaking to her in Japanese.” Her company attitude is ample to marvel Choo Sung Hoon.

Though he apologizes to her, she continues to say, “This is Osaka. Dad, you need to not use eastern to grandma yet Korean instead.”

Sarang’s grandpa was once extremely joyful at her enthusiasm in opposition to Korean, saying, “I turned into shocked to peer Sarang tell her grandmother to talk Korean. I’m very happy with her.”

Meanwhile, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang have returned to the display after a two-week absence because of Choo Sung Hoon’s preparation for the UFC Seoul competition.

Block B Bring Down The House At Chicago's Rosemont Theater With Electric Blockbuster Tour Performance

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(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Fans of K-pop idol group Block B (known as BBCs) from around the world flocked to the Rosemont Theater this past Friday, to spend two glorious hours with the incredibly charismatic members of the group.

Lining up outside the theater hours before the doors opened at 7PM, fans spent their time huddled together to stave off the cold as the hours to showtime dwindled to minutes. Ignoring the chilly Chicago weather, enthusiastic fans spent their time as most fans at a show do, talking about the band, squealing over their favorite members and generally having a good time.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) As the skies darkened, the energy in the air became more electric, an excited energy surrounding the ever-growing line of fans. When the doors opened, the energy followed the fans, filling the theater with a palpable electricity that found its way backstage. Encouraged by this energy, Block B took the stage by storm, opening the evening with a hyped three-song set that included "Very Good," "Wanna B" and "Halo."

Taking a quick break, the audience was kept entertained by a short video and before long the boys were back, ready to steal the hearts of all the ladies with their many charms. To help with the wooing, each member of the group returned to the stage toting a long-stemmed red rose which they handed to seven lucky fans over the course of the next song set.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) It"s hard to resist falling for a group as dynamic as Block B, especially when they"ve made up their mind to steal your heart. With a set of songs that included "Romantically," "Unordinary Girl," "11:30," "Did You or Did You Not," there wasn"t a single heart in the audience that went untouched. If the sweetness of the songs wasn"t enough to melt every heart in the room, one of Kyung"s killer smiles was sure to do the trick.

With every heart now putty in their hands, Block B kicked things up with a stellar performance of "No Joke" that had the crowd hyped up. From there it was time for the group"s only sub-unit, BASTARZ to take the stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Performing both "Conduct Zero" and "Charlie Chaplin" BASTARZ had the audience in tizzy, proving this sub-unit has definitely found a home in the hearts of their fans.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Following up BASTARZ, Zico took to the stage performing a solo version of "Okey Dokey" that kicked the energy in the room up another notch. With the entire house singing along during the chorus, it was impossible for Zico and the rest of the boys backstage to go unaffected by the crowd"s enthusiasm and affection.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) When the group returned to the stage as a whole, the energy in the room seemed to be harnessed by Block B, inspiring a performance of "HER," "Jackpot," "Mental Breaker," "Action" and "Tell Them" that will long be remembered. Pouring their heart and soul into their performance, Block B held nothing back and their fans followed suit. Feeding off the energy of each other, Block B and BBCs gave their all for each other, propelling both into a state of euphoria that can only be reached in a moment of sheer joy.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) By the time Zico announced our time together had come to an end, the groans of sadness shook the hall. No one was ready for this night to end but the boys did their best to lighten the mood by thanking Chicago for being so loving and making the customary promise to someday return. With their last words said, it was time to end the evening with an unbelievably moving performance of "Be The Light."

Waving their farewells, Block B disappeared into the darkness but no one in the building was willing to let things end there. With chants of "Block B" ringing throughout the hall, it wasn"t long until the boys were back for an encore that brought the house down.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Giving their all, Block B closed out the night with heart-stopping performances of "Nalina," "Nice Day" and the rock remix of "Very Good." Once again the energy of the crowd fueled the performance of the boys, leaving everyone breathless when the stage lights dimmed and Block B once again disappeared into the darkness.

As if unwilling to say goodbye, one final video began to play. As credit to all those responsible for thismagnificent evening scrolled across the screen alongside video of Block B being Block B, tears were shed. Unable to let the magic of the moment fade, everyone in the house stayed glued to their seats, watching the credits roll until, finally, the screen went black.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) But the night wasn"t quite over yet. Returning to the stage one last time, Block B ended the evening with a fan service-filled performance of "Movie"s Over." Stopping the hearts of fans throughout the house, the boys of Block B made sure every heart in the building went home with them that night. With smiles, waves and bows, Block B said goodbye to their beloved BBC one last time as the set around them slowly hid them from the world.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Fading into land of happy memories and dreams come true, Block B left their Chicago fans with full hearts and memories that will last a lifetime. One can only hope that Block B will carry the memories of this night with them and look back on them with as much fondness as the BBCs who were lucky enough to spend this one amazing evening with the seven incredible members of Block B.

IU takes house win on 'Show! Tune Core' regardless of 'Zeze' controversy

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IU takes house win on 'Show! Tune Core' regardless of 'Zeze' controversy

Despite the "Zeze" controversy and despite no broadcast promotions, IU controlled to snag first position on MBC"s "Show! Music Core"! 

On the November 14 airing of the music program, IU"s "Twenty-three" surpassed f(x)"s "4 Walls" and Taeyeon"s "I," after a comprehensive overall of the score categories--physical album/digital sales, MV views, and pre-voting via audience committee--were calculated. 

IU"s win marks the closing first place on "Show! Music Core!" ahead of the program"s entire reboot and implementation of a new layout beginning next week. 

Regarding the verdict to restructure the show, an MBC rep stated, "In place of discontinuing the ranking system, we plan to enhance the prestige and price of a music program by propelling the revamp in direction of showcasing a more wide number of genres." 

With this entire reboot, SHINee"s Minho, Red Velvet"s Yeri, and VIXX"s N wills step down as MCs and could be replaced by Kim Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae

You can watch the functionality and the announcement of the win round the 58:40 mark above.