HOTSHOT drop MV stills hours before their comeback with new single ‘Jelly’

HOTSHOT drop MV stills hours before their comeback with new single ‘Jelly’

HOTSHOT have dropped a series of MV still cuts hours before the release of their new single, “Jelly”!

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The group’s new single will be out on July 15 at 6PM KST, and fans will be able to catch the comeback performance on the July 15 airing of ‘Show! Music Core’. HOTSHOT will be promoting as a group of 5 this comeback, due to Ha Sung Woon currently on his temporary contract with Wanna One.

About HOTSHOT’s comeback, the group’s label Star Crew ENT said, “Since last July of 2016, due to issues regarding the deterioration of the company’s management as a result of external sources, the label has been going through a downsizing. We lacked the sufficient amount of employees to administrate the group’s SNS promotions. Once we confirm the employees who will be in charge of HOTSHOT, we will rejuvenate HOTSHOT’s official fan cafe, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.”

Meanwhile, HOTSHOT’s Noh Tae Hyun will also begin promotions as a member of JBJ, a group consisting of former ‘Produce 101’ season 2 trainees whom fans wanted to see come together. Check out HOTSHOT’s MV still cuts below while you wait for their full comeback!

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