[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Four times Park Hae-jin in “Four Men”

[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Four times Park Hae-jin in “Four Men”

Park Hae-jin may still be starring in “Man to Man” but he’s already confirmed to play four different characters for his next drama project, “Four Men”.

Mountain Movement Story, the production company behind “Man to Man” has announced that Park Hae-jin will be taking on the leading role in their next production, “Four Men”. In fact, Park Hae-jin will be taking on four roles in the mystery romance, which will tell the story of a detective who becomes entangled with twins after losing the man she loves. Park Hae-jin The drama will be directing by Oh Jin-seok, who just wrapped up working on the entirely pre-produced “My Sassy Girl – Drama” and who last worked on “Yong Pal”.

There’s no other casting news yet, but Mountain Movement Story promises to start casting in July, aiming for an air date in late 2017 on SBS. Given that the details are so sketchy, we’re free to speculate wildly about what this drama is going to be like and who’s going to be in it. I can imagine a stylish film noir-esque mystery with a tough, sophisticated female lead, but who knows? Park Hae-jin playing four different characters could also easily tip over into a comedy of mistaken identities. More importantly, who’s going to be Park Hae-jin’s next leading lady?

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