Hoody Talks About AOMG And The Origins Of Her Stage Name

Hoody Talks About AOMG And The Origins Of Her Stage Name

Hoody recently talked about being a part of AOMG.

The singer appeared as a guest on SBS Power FMs 2 OClock Escape Cultwo Show alongside B.A.P on September 7.

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During the broadcast, she provided a backstory for her stage name, saying, I usually wear a lot of hoodies and so I chose Hoody as my stage name.

She continued, I was in a hip hop club when I was in college. Ja Mezz from Show Me the Money joined in the same year as me, and told me that it would be good if I had a rap name, too. I was wearing a hoodie at the time so I just chose Hoody.

Hoody also shared the story of how she entered AOMG and the vibe of the company. I joined AOMG two years ago through Jay Parks suggestion, revealing that featuring in Jay Parks song in the past provided an opportunity. She added, [AOMG] has more of a smaller, laid back vibe than a company vibe.

When they asked her about rumors of her being the tallest person in AOMG, she replied, Im 173 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet, 7 inches) but Im not the tallest person, causing everyone to laugh.