Hongki says he feels like he’s slowly being forgotten

Hongki says he feels like he’s slowly being forgotten

During a recent recording fortvN’s new variety show ‘Our Life School’, F.T. Island member Hongkihad an honest talk about how he feels like he’s slowly being forgotten.

Hongki began, “I feel like I am slowly being forgotten.” He went on to explain, “Numerous junior singers and actors are debuting and because of that I’ve fallen into a slump.”

“Energetic juniors are sprouting here and there causing us seniors to feel intimidated and overwhelmed… We wish to live a big, lavish life, however, are always trapped in a minuscule life.”

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tvN’s ‘Our Life School’ welcomes various celebrities whether it be singers, actors, comedians and so forth to discuss their life experiences in all honesty as they try to solve their problems together. The first episode is scheduled to air in mid-May.

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