Hong Hyun Hee Apologizes For SBS Blackface Controversy

Hong Hyun Hee Apologizes For SBS Blackface Controversy

Hong Hyun Hee has issued an official apology for their recent blackface controversy.

After backlash and outcry for doing blackface in a skit as a part of the KBS program People Looking for a Laugh, Hong Hyun Hee has issued an official apology.

In the skit, the comedian had portrayed the horrific African stereotype minstrel character by wearing brown paint, braided hair and she even going as far as drawing on oversized lips.

Since the controversy occurred, Hong Hyun Hee has released an apology statement on Instagram for the incentive portrayal.

I sincerely apologize to those who are hurt by my insincere gag. I will do my best to think more carefully and smile more healthily in the future.

This skit offended many of KBSs international fans, and even other celebrities such as Sam Hammington and Sam Okyere, prompting both KBS and Hong Hyun Hee to issue an apology.

The Instagram post, which is all white with just text can be read below.

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