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Yoo Jae Suk voted as the celebrity most likely to survive a ‘time slip’

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Yoo Jae Suk voted as the celebrity most likely to survive a ‘time slip’

With themes of time travel being the trend in Korean dramas, community portal site DC Inside conducted a poll asking its users which celebrity they think would have no problem surviving in any era.

The poll, which was held between June 12th to 19th, showed a large victory for the nations MC Yoo Jae Suk, who received 1,106 (33.8%) out of 3,268 total votes. Yoo Jae Suk has displayed his sense of humor and quick wit on SBS Running Man and MBCs Infinite Challenge. With his kindness and strong sense of integrity, Yoo Jae Suk is bound to receive love wherever he goes and quickly adapt to new surroundings.

Following the nations MC was comedian Kim Byung Man with a total of 605 (18.5%) votes. Kim Byung Man revealed his bravery in the popular skit Expert on KBS Gag Concert. The comedian is now a member of the crew in SBS Laws of the Jungle 2, on which he shows viewers a tough survival instinct while the cast navigates remote locations.

Third place went to MC and former wrestler, Kang Ho Dong, with a total of 503 (15.4%) votes. From 2007 to 2011, Kang Ho Dong guided KBS 1 Night 2 Days as the main host and is loved by many for his sincerity and comical communication skills.

Other celebrities who made the list include Leessangs Gary, entertainer Noh Hong Chul, and actor Cha Tae Hyun.

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Lovelyz Are living Up To Their Call In The Celebrity

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lovelyz the superstar periodical december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)The Lovelyz participants starred in "Be My Love" for the December factor of The Celebrity.

The idols had an early morning pictorial where they posed in a brightly lit set, enjoyed a hearty breakfast in bed and checked our their reflections in front of an armoire. In line with the magazine, "An 'Uncle Fan' teamthis is emerging is Lovelyz. After safely finishing up their 'Ah-Choo' promotions, the 8stunningwomen too a wreck like authentic characters."

Their dresserintegrated fur capes, wide pants, cheese-print sweatshirts, long skirts and floral pumps by capacity of brands like Jill Stuart, Agatha Paris and PLAYNOMORE. A collection of the standout accessories there used to be Furla's "Baby Candy" satchel modeled by Soo Jung. The purse's peachy colour is described as "winter rose" and its petite lengthsupplies it a fantastic twist. The thingwill also be yours HERE and will almost certainly benoticed below.

Another tremendoushandbag from the photoshoot turned into the MCM "The Robot Perspex" shoulder bag modeled by Mi Joo. The bag is formed like a crimson robot with crystal eyes and was these days spotted in Hyosung's September pictorial for Sure. The purse can also be yours HERE and will existliked below.

In other model news, Lovelyz attemptedinformal combinations in the November difficulty of KWave. The group's maknae (youngest member), Jeong Ye In, also starred in a fairytale photoshoot for Fashion Girl.

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AOA’s Chanmi finds why she sought after to turn out to be a celebrity

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AOA’s Chanmi finds why she sought after to turn out to be a celebrity

Share on FacebookShare on Twitterand#43; Even if there is the preferredtrustthat folkswould like toturn out to be celebrities only forthe joys and fame, AOAand#8216;s Chanmi printed that she had a otherreason why for her profession path.

On a up to date broadcast, the FNC Entertainment singer had a head to headcommunication alongside her mother, where she revealed her cause ofturning into a celebrity. The AOA maknae revealed that she determined on her career trailso as to lend a handsupply for her family, explaining that she felt she had toassistance her circle of relatives out with their monetary situation. The singer has wonnumerouscompliment from netizens after revealing her secret to her mom and audience of the broadcast. A translation of the singerand#8217;s explanation to her mother can also bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

and#8220;The reason I sought afterto begin making cash early onwas once because you maypaintings from early morning to past due at evening without a spaceto name your own. After you paid the hire and our college fees, weand#8217;d haven't any coin left and I hated that. The explanation 1made a decisionto take a glance at out and become a famous personturned into because I assumedit can existreadyto assist provide an atmosphere for me to make money faster. Individuals think that itand#8217;s simple to be a celebrity and wear lovely clothes, and I idea that it may be easy make money once you did smartly subsequently debuting. I never realize till now that this isnand#8217;t anythingyou'll be able to do forever.and#8221;

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

245, and#8211; 15 Chanmi at all times looked so bright so I didnand#8217;t know she had such pain inside. She is so sort and mature that sheand#8217;s a maknae yetevery so oftenlooks as if the leader.

222, and#8211; 9 Her early life made her grow up too fastand#8230;I wagerhere's why she is so mature..

216, and#8211; 9 I heard in spite of having to carry 3 daughters through herself Chanmiand#8217;s mother even looks after run away children. I am hoping Chanmi becomes a actuallygiant star.

181 , and#8211; 7 She has such deep mind and a mature mindand#8230;made me tear up

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Gary and Taiwanese Celebrity Peter Ho Could be Freeing a Collaboration Album

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Gary and Taiwanese Famous person Peter Ho Could beFreeing a Collaboration Albumck525 November 25, 2015 0 LINE it!Gary and Taiwanese Star Peter Ho Will Be Releasing a Collaboration Album Gary will be taking part alongside Taiwan’s maximumloved star Peter Ho.

According to a media insider on November 26, Gary will be releasing an album with Peter Ho early next year.

The unencumber date will perhaps exist January 5. Gary will rap whilst Peter Ho, who has made a call for himself as an actor and singer, will sing. It's miles assumed that the individuals of “Running Man” will sign up for in as well.

Gary and Peter Ho met after a assembly for a Taiwanese drama, produced via Peter Ho, used to be held in Korea. The 2 met in Seoul and agreed on a collaboration album, keento peer the synergy effect between the recognition of “Running Man” and Peter Ho.

“The two have determined to movie the track video around December 10. It'llscreen the sturdy bond of loyalty between the “Running Man” members,” a media insider said.

“Running Man” is recentlythe largest hit in China. Peter Ho, too, is Taiwan’s best star, and he recently filmed the drama “Beautiful Secret” with f(x)s Victoria.

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′K-Pop Celebrity 4′ Winner Katie Kim Drops 10 Kg

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′K-Pop Celebrity 4′ Winner Katie Kim Drops 10 Kg

--> K-Pop Megastar 4 winner Katie Kim printed her dramatic weight loss.

A special K-Pop Star Season five D-Day special will air on November 22 at 11 a.m. KST, forward of the K-Pop Star 5 season premiere later that day.

Former K-Pop Star contestants Katie Kim, Jung Seung Hwan, Park Jimin and Lee Jin Ah will seem at the special.

Photos from the recording surfaced revealing Katie Kim′s weight loss transformation.

Katie Kim said, "I started eating regimen consistent with the agency′s suggestion," revealing she lost 10 kg via observing what she eats and exercising.

Meanwhile, K-Pop Star 5 will premiere on November 22 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Jin Se-yeon to celebrity in upcoming MBC drama 'The Flower in Prison'

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Jin Se-yeon to celebrity in upcoming MBC drama 'The Flower in Prison'

Actress Jin Se-yeon, from the MBC weekend drama "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol", has been solid for "The Flower in Prison", the sequel.

She takes at the role of Ok-nyeo in the 50-episode drama "The Flower in Prison".

Jin Se-yeon is starring in her 2d lead drama since "Inspiring Generation".

She starts making the drama in February next year.

"The Flower in Prison" is produced by capability of Lee Byeong-hoon and written by Choi Wan-gyoo.

The drama is ready a girl named Ok-nyeo who struggled for the to blame in the Joseon times.

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Netizens Wish to See This Celebrity’s Daughter on “The go back of Superman”

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Netizens Need to See This Celebrity’s Daughter on “The Return of Superman” Lately netizens had been charmed by one celebrity’s kid — actress Jung Si Ah’s daughter Baek SEO Woo.

Seo Woo is Jung Si Ah’s 2nd baby and she was once born on April 25, 2012, making her 3 years old this year (four in Korean age). Her older brother is called Baek Joon Woo.

Jung Si Ah uploads quite so much of images of her adorable daughter on her private Instagram. The little woman looks as lovely and blameless as a doll in the more than a few photos, whether dressed up fashionably or in informal clothes.

The footage have gained numerous love from netizens, who need the mother-daughter pair to look on “The Return of Superman” to larger sing their own praises Seo Woo’s charms.

Jung Si Ah is married to actor Baek Do Bin.

Watch the newest episode of “The Return of Superman” here.

G.Na poses for The Celebrity

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G.Na poses for The Celebrity

G.Na showcases her female charm for the maximum recent factor of the fame magazine, take a glance at all her footage here

INFINITE showed as Next Idol team to Celebrity in “Showtime”

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INFINITE proven as Next Idol community to Star in “Showtime” INFINITE can be returning to the screen through their very own reality show!

According to reports, the male organization used to be these days confirmed to seem at the popular reality show “Showtime.” Popular idol teams like EXOA PinkBEASTSISTAR, and EXID have up to now seemed on the “Showtime” series.

The preparations for the first shoot are reportedly ongoing. whilst it has no longer been printed when precisely they're going to get started filming, the production will most likely begin after endless wraps up their international excursion later this month.

This will mark INFINITE’s first fact display since Mnet’s “This Is INFINITE” that ended in March 2014.

Meanwhile, INFINITE has been busy traveling Europe and Asia since kicking off the “2015 INFINITE Effect” world concert tour in September.

Monsta X Share Who Their Music Role Models Are In The Celebrity

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Monsta X Share Who Their Music Role Models Are In The Celebrity

Monsta X had a laid-back pictorial in the November issue of The Celebrity. Although the group recently suited up in a black-and-white photoshoot for their "Hero" comeback, they embraced colorful combinations for the magazine in front of a pink backdrop. According to the interviewer, "On stage, Monsta X are infinitely personal and full of charm. Seven men with strong personalities became one, to reach for stardom."

The members" sporty wardrobe included sweatshirts, basketball shorts, jogging pants, nylon jackets and sneakers by Puma, Kenzo and Calvin Klein. Among the spotted affordable pieces there was the EXR "Neo Padded Coupon Premium" jacket in wine, which was modeled by Minhyuk. The jacket has a decorative "E" patch and varsity stripes around the hem, sleeves and collar. It can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

During the interview, the members were asked about their role models. The answers included Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and their fathers. Meanwhile, Minhyuk chose Big Bang. He stated, "We also like Big Bang because out of all the seniors they have the strongest energy. They have great teamwork and each individual members" personality is also strong. We can relate to them."

To check out Monsta X"s latest performance of "Hero" in Inkigayo, click here!

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