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Kpop Group History Shines In First 'Tory Tory Bang Bang' Episode

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Kpop Group History Shines In First 'Tory Tory Bang Bang' Episode

history, LOEN Entertainment

HISTORY recently released their first sitcom/reality episode in a short show entitled "Tory Tory Bang Bang", featuring them as a rookie group in the Kpop world. Through the show, History gets to earnsome loyal fans to support them and follow their group's activities.

LOEN Entertainment, the group's agency agreed to featured them in a short-com show 'Tory Tory Bang Bang', which will feature History's debut and how their life changed when they entered the idol life. According to their agency, the show really is not quite sitcom or even a comedy show but surely it is bound to bring on the laughs as History members don't hold back their comedic skills, and punches. There's even an episode when the group decided to order a jjajangmyung or black noodles.

History's members are Song Kyung Ii, Na Do Kyun, Kim Si Hyoung, Kim Jae Ho and Jang Yi Jeong.

HISTORY agonize over a girl in group MV teaser for "Might Just Die"

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HISTORY agonize over a girl in group MV teaser for

HISTORYare just right around the corner from their comeback, and they"re here to tease you once more with their group MV teaser this time!

This group teaser for "Might Just Die" brings together all the members, who keep hinting at this melancholy story and song to come with their serious and sad expressions.

The title song "Might Just Die" is a complextro genre hybrid dance song thatJang Yi Jeongcomposed and wrote lyrics to himself. He wrote 2 other songs on the mini album, which will be released on the 21st.

Check out the video teaser above!

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HISTORY drop group image and teaser video for Kim Si Hyoung, wishes him happy birthday

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HISTORY drop group image and teaser video for Kim Si Hyoung, wishes him happy birthday

HISTORY released more teasers for their upcoming comeback with "Might Just Die"!

They dropped a group image in which they"re now all laid back on a couch for a relaxed, deep-in-thought sort of look. They also released the teaser video for member Kim Si Hyoung. The music in the teaser utilizes intense violins for an emotional and dramatic sound that ends with interesting panting.

The group additionally celebrated Kim Si Hyoung"s birthday on May 15 with the message, "Today is HISTORY Si Hyoung"s birthday. Thanks to all the STORIAs who wished him happy birthday :)" Happy birthday!

{ #HISTORY #HappySihyoungDay : 2015.05.15 } 오늘은 히스토리 시형군의 생일입니다. 축하해주신 STORIA 여러분께 감사드립니다 :) ☞ http://t.co/VxIg4hBxZ9 pic.twitter.com/TPQAXrlCs1

— HISTORY (@HISTORY426) May 15, 2015

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Which kpop group draws most Japanese fans to their concerts in 2014?

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Which kpop group draws most Japanese fans to their concerts in 2014?

According to the recent survey of Nikkei, a Japanese monthly magazine, on TOP 50 artists with the most concert fans, Big Bang took the second spot with about 920,000 fans for 29 concerts in 2014, standing behind Japanese rock band EXILE TRIBE with 1.05 million fans and even beat Arashi at number 3.

Statistics showed that there were bout 32,000 fans came to each Big Bang concert. Member Daesung, who promoted in Japan under the name of D-Lite attracted about 170,000 fans to 15 concerts. If combining both Big Bang and Daesung"s promotions and concerts in Japan, Big Bang has drawn about 1.1 million fans, which is a really impressive figure.

Other Kpop artists made into the lists are TVXQ, EXO, Girls Generation and SHINee.

New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song "Wish List"

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New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song

A new KPop girl group Taurine released their debut song "Wish List."

"Wish List" is a song that has jazz sound and tackles about the food that the three girls of Taurine want to eat, but they can"t because they are preparing for their debut performance. The music video will surely make you feel hungry. The song is composed by Yoo Junsang and written by Taurine.

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HISTORY releases behind-the-scenes group dance video for “PSYCHO”

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HISTORY releases behind-the-scenes group dance video for “PSYCHO”

HISTORY made their comeback during June with the release of their 3rd mini-album, “DESIRE.” The group is currently promoting the mini-album’s title track, “PSYCHO.”

Along with the original music video for “PSYCHO,” HISTORY also released a performance version of the music video for fans to enjoy. At the end of June, 1thek also released a behind-the-scenes video which featured the members of HISTORY preparing for their first comeback stage for “PSYCHO.”

On July 5th, 1thek uploaded another behind-the-scenes video, this time, featuring the members dancing to the choreography for “PSYCHO” during their music video filming.

The members of HISTORY are seen wearing their black and while outfits from the music video. On this simple stage, viewers are able to clearly see their choreography for “PSYCHO” without any of the special effects.

The camera view switches from the center to the left side, even showing the monitor screen occasionally.

Check out HISTORY’s behind-the-scenes group dance video for “PSYCHO” below! Are you enjoying their comeback so far?

Source: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)’s Official YouTube

Kpop Boy Group ZE:A Made A Pledge To Support Korean World Cup Team

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Kpop Boy Group ZE:A Made A Pledge To Support Korean World Cup Team

ZE:A showed their way to support the Korean World Cup team by giving a major pledge.

The group performed on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" their latest track "Breathe" on June 13th.

On the show, ZE:A showed interest in the World Cup since the show broadcast about "2014 Brazil World Cup Special" and it looks like ZE:A is an avid fan of the sport"s biggest tournament.

ZE:A members shared, "We watched Brazil and Croatia"s match this morning. All of us will start getting more and more tired from now on."

Tae Heon shared, "Korean World Cup team"s first match will take place on my birthday. We will have a huge party if Korean team wins the game, but we will just pass it quietly if they lose."

The MCs asked ZE:A members on how they plan to pledge their support for Korean siccer team and they"ve said "If Korean team makes it to the top 16, we will release a song that was not included in our new album."

They continued saying, "If Korean team makes it to the top 4, then, we will head to Brazil to cheer for them. We will also hold a performance in Brazil."

In other news, ZE:A fans can also grab a copy of the groups mini album titled "First Homme" that was released on June 2nd.

Make wave for the debuting KPop boy group BIGFLO

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Make wave for the debuting KPop boy group BIGFLO

Another newcomer in the KPop music scene will be soon debuting this mid-June.

Upcoming five member boy group of Ho Company, BIGFLO, is ready to give a fresh offering to the KPop music fanatics. As what their name suggests, they want to lead a huge flow in the music industry.

The group is headed by Jungkyun. He's also the main producer of the group and he can compose songs. Z-UK was a former member of B-Boy Crew. He makes the dance choreography. Yuseong is a model in China. Ron is also part of the group. Hightop is the maknae who is a well-known underground rapper.

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

(Photo : KBS) In the recent appearance of A Pink on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook", the group shared why they keep an innocent concept and not trying anything sexy like the rest of the girl groups.

Chorong shared "It"s been three years." While MC Yoo Hee Yeol gets the reason why the girls won"t do any sexy concept like any fan boys would like to see, the girls shared, "Usually, if you"ve promoted for this long, other girl groups start doing sexy concepts, but A Pink have consistently done the innocent concept though I am a bit sad about it. But since you"re a girl group, have you ever thought of doing a sexy concept?"

Chorong shared her opinion saying, "As a woman, it"s very good to hear that you"re sexy. But we have a member who is still not of age yet. Our maknae is still 19 years old. Our figures are not really suited for the sexy concept. As we age, we want to show a natural sexiness that comes as we get older. So we haven"t really thought about doing a sexy [concept]."

Its a good thing that the girls also considerate of each other specially they have a younger member, they"ve also wanted to stay sweet and not being pressured by other kpop girl groups concept. They want their fans to support them as they are.

What do you think about A Pink"s concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Five Years Of Great Music For Female Group After School; Previous Songs From Them As Well History On How The Group Started

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Five Years Of Great Music For Female Group After School; Previous Songs From Them As Well History On How The Group Started

After School, the marvelous felines who works under the agency of Pledis Entertainment, is comprised of members Jungah, Jooyeon, Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, E-Young, and Kaeun. The ladies has had five years of great years of music as the group first made their debut in 2009. The other idols who graduated from After School were Soyoung who was with the member in 2009 of Fall, Bekah was with them until July 2011, and Kahi 2012 of September. This eight ladies focuses on the concept of "admissions and graduation." So does this mean that After School changes members yearly? Well, already three members has graduated from the group; so this concept maybe is correct and that the members does not stay permanently.

After School"s Five Years of Great Music

The ladies of After School made their debut in 2009 with two of their major hit songs, "Diva" and "Because of You;" along with their mini-album, "New Schoolgirl."

After School; "New Schoolgirl" Full Album

After School; "Because Of You" MV

The ladies first came out by appearing on December 29, 2008 on "SBS Song Festival" which former member leader Kahi as well new leader Jungah sang "Play Girlz" by Son Dam Bi performing alongside them. The ladies have a resemblance to American female group Pussycat Dolls which "Pledis Entertainment" did agree with this in-terms of their "music concept." During this year, the ladies quickly got noticed by them winning an award on April of that year. Name of the award was "Rookie of the Month." July came along of that year and the girls made an announcement that they will work with K-Pop idol, Son Dam Bi for a song titled, "Amoled". "Amoled" was released on July 16, 2009. 2009 was looking great for the girls by winning an award and already having hits as well numerous fans.

After School feat. Son Dam Bi; "Amoled" MV

The ladies kept up this momentum going for 2010 by releasing "Bang" and "Happy Pledis" First Album." For their single "Bang", the ladies wore beautiful "marching band" wardrobes which Kahi was the one that thought of this idea. Along with this, After School kept winning awards which was "Best Rookie Award at the Billboard Japan Music Awards" as well as "Seoul Music Awards". Also, during this year, Lizzy joined the group by promoting "Bang." Mentioned earlier regarding Kahi loving the "marching band outfit," she fell in-love after watching the movie, "Drumline." With this inspiration from the movie, Kahi along with her members promoted "Bang" which had the concept of a "marching band."

The ladies practiced endlessly by knowing how to play the drums by having a "trainer" with them. "Bang" was a great success by being ranked number twenty-nine on the "Gaon Chart." Along with this ranking, two million three hundred seventy four thousand seven hundred thirty one is the number of "copies sold."

2010, Raina, Nana, and Lizzy formed their own "sub-unit" which was named, Orange Caramel. Orange Caramel had the sweet and bubbly side compared to being a sexy group. Now Orange Caramel are making their comeback after fans waited for one year and four months after their "Lipstick" promotion in 2012. So, be sure to catch this ladies and the concept they will bring for their comeback.

Orange Caramel; "Lipstick" MV

Back to After School, the ladies released Happy Pledis" First Album on December 6, 2010. The album had four tracks which were "Love Love Love", "Someone Is You", and these two songs in "instrumental" version.

After School; "Love Love Love" MV

After School; "Someone Is You" Performance

2011 came and the ladies separated into sub-units by being After School Red and Blue on the month of July. Though it did not last long and the ladies came together which they went and promoted in Japan by working with Japanese star, Namie Amuro. Though Virgin, which was After School"s "first album," had the great single, "Shampoo" which was released on April 29th. With a great upbeat tempo, After School once again promoted another hit song this year.

After School; "Shampoo" MV

With three years of success, the ladies of After School were on-fire has 2012 came and the girls promoted "Flashback" on June 12. Once again, like all of their great hits, "Flashback" received an amazing "all-kill" by topping the charts.

After this great release, three months later, Kahi said her goodbye"s to her members as she graduated to take on a solo path.

2013 came and the ladies went on hiatus after Kahi left the group. Though they did compose one single which was "First Love" which had an RB beat to it as well sexy concept by them pole dancing.

Afterwards, the ladies continued their promotions in Japan as well held fan signing events. Their promotion in Japan and around Asia kept going until this year which it was announced that After School will be "participating in Brave Brothers" 10th Anniversary Album" since they have numerous love by them producing "Because Of You" which launched their career.

One representative for After School"s agency stated they are honored to participate by saying, "Starting with their debut album and hit song "Because of You", as (Brave Brothers) is the producer responsible for the rise of After School, they participated in this project album... Although the After School members are busy with their domestic and overseas schedules, they positively participated in the recording, showcasing their loyalty." The title of the song in-which After School is singing for this anniversary will be "Week." The track is expected to be released on February 21st.

Thank You"s, Comebacks, as well Anniversary

The ladies of After School has much to be happy as well proud because of their supported "Play Girlz" and "Play Boyz." With numerous promotions in not just South Korea; but as well Japan and across Asia, the image that the ladies has set is one that cannot be destroyed. After School is one female group that are extremely known. Without their supported fans, After School will not be where they are today. So, to thank you, the ladies celebrated their "fifth anniversary" by saying a thank you video to their devoted fans. Support their sub-unit Orange Caramel as they are preparing for their return. Along with Orange Caramel making their return, the rest of the After School members will be in Japan as they return for their Dress To Kill album. Dress To Kill is going to launch next month.

The staff here at KpopStarz says congratulations to the ladies of After School by having five years of great music. Keep composing more great songs this year and onward.

Photos" Credit: Newsen and Last.fm