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Henry Explains Why It’s Frustrating to paintings With So Ji Sub

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Henry Explains Why It’s Frustrating to Work With So Ji Sub Super Junior-M‘s Henry says it hasn’t been simple to work with his “Oh My Venus” co-star So Ji Sub.

On November 11, the forged and manufacturers of KBS2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh My Venus” amassed to Yeongdeungpo Times Square for a press conference. take a glance at our policy of the stars’ model looks here.

During the event, Henry spread out about So Ji Sub’s persistent habit of arriving early to everything, which makes it tricky for the junior actor to seem well mannered in front of his seniors.

“I’ve been having a difficult time because of So Ji Sub. He tends to arrive at the set one hour ahead of the filming. In the beginning, I arrived ten mins in advance, yet So Ji Sub was already sitting at the set,” he explained.

Henry went directly to introduce his method to the problem, “Even when i used to be 20 or 30 minutes early, So Ji Sub would be there, so after I arrived at the set 50 minutes before the filming. That’s when we arrived at the similar time.”

Upon hearing this, So Ji Sub promised Henry, “I’ll get there a little later from now on,” and made all and sundry laugh with his lovable response.

Meanwhile, “Oh My Venus” is decided to premiere on November 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

'Oh My Venus' actor Henry says, 'It's not easy as a result of So Ji-sub'

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'Oh My Venus' actor Henry says, 'It's not easy as a result of So Ji-sub'

On November 22th, a press convention for KBS 2TV"s new Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh My Venus" came about in Time Square in Yeongdeong-po, Seoul.

PD Kim Hyoung-seok, So Ji-sub, Sin Min-ah, Jeong Kyeo-woon, Yoo In-yeong, Seong Hoon, and Henry attended the event.

Henry made the crowd laugh when he said, "It"s tricky on account of So Ji-sbu. He"s already there at the filming set one hour prior to the filming begins".

Henry persisted on, "I went to the set 50 mins early, So Si-sub used to be there as well. Since then, I attempt to arrive at the filming set one hour before the filming begins".

"Oh My Venus" tells the tale of the curative procedure that Sin Min-ah (Kang Jooeun) and So Ji-sub (Kim Yeongho), who move via in combination and fall in love with every other no longer simplest for the illusion yet also for the interior beauty. the hot drama starts on November 16th.

Watch: Henry Visits Earth for Halloween in Lovable Video

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Watch: Henry Visits Earth for Halloween in Cute Video On October 30, Henry wished all and sundry a glad Halloween through posting a funny video of himself on his Instagram account.

Wearing an astronaut dress paying homage to “The Martian,” the singer rides a hoverboard and exits an elevator. He is going directly to a coffee shop and greets a apparently shocked customer. Then he orders a beverage and says, “Happy Halloween.”

The ambient track is helping supply a space-like setting to the video. Apparently as regardless that he's a Martian astronaut who descended from area to pay a seek suggestion from to Earth and perhaps get a cup of joe.

A video posted by Henry Lau (@henryl89) on Oct 29, 2015 at 10:34pm PDT

Did you revel in his video? What are your plans for Halloween?

Henry is helping So Ji Sub Build Muscle and Educate for “Oh My Venus”

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Henry supports So Ji Sub Build Muscle and exercise for “Oh My Venus” KBS released a clip of So Ji Sub, Henry, and Sung Hoon education for their roles on upcoming drama “Oh My Venus.”

The drama prior to now printed a hot video of So Ji Sub training in order to build muscle. This time, they incorporated supporting actors Henry and Sung Hoon as they prepare a bit of of boxing.

First, we see So Ji Sub with a trainer. Soon afterwards, Henry aids Sung Hoon in his training. Henry then is going directly to lend a hand So Ji Sub and nearly falls over from So Ji Sub’s tough kick.

Enjoy seeing their wide shoulders in the video below:

Meanwhile, “Oh My Venus” is set the courting between a world-famous private teacher (So Ji Sub) and a attorney suffering with her weight (Shin Min Ah). Actors Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo In Young, Jo Eun Ji, Henry, and Sung Hoon circular out the remainder of the cast. the primary episode is slated to air November 16.

Are you excited to look the actors’ hot bodies when the drama airs?

Fans Donate to A couple of Charities, Build a wooded area in Henry’s Name

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Fans Donate to Multiple Charities, Build a Forest in Henry’s Name Henry of Super Junior-M celebrated his birthday on October 11, and fans celebrated by capability of donating to many charities in his name.

The Canada-born star, who grew to become 26 this year (27 Korean age), is understood for being incredibly kind. Around New Year previous this year, a fan witnessed him giving a present certificate for Shinsegae value 100,000 won (approximately $87) to an elderly lady promoting snacks in Seoul’s Samsung Station. Following in his footsteps, fans around the sector got here in combination to donate to charity in Henry’s name.

The Henry Fanclub Union, a network of fan sites from 14 other countries around the globe, teamed up to donate 10 million won (approximately $8800) worth of trainers and garments from the outside wear emblem AKIII Classic, which Henry endorses, to the Good Neighbors NGO.

Fans also raised cash from September 15 to September 30 in hopes to rebuild a forest in Taiwan that was once ravaged because of Typhoon Dujuan. However, because of the issue in obtaining permission from the Taiwanese government, the Fanclub Union has made up our minds to build the forest in Seoul instead.

In addition, fans donated about 3 million won (approximately $2600) worth of books, attire and fundamental living prerequisites to a children’s safe haven in Gangnam. Ultimate year, fans donated clothing to lend a hand the sufferers of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and donated lunch boxes to hungry youngsters and the elderly in Korea.

One fan said, “We chose to observe Henry’s lead and donated to charities as a different birthday gift to him. i am hoping that folk in each and every unmarried place can listen about this also stick to the precedent he set.”

Super Junior's Henry receives casting be offering for drama 'Oh My Venus'

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Super Junior's Henry receives casting be offering for drama 'Oh My Venus'

Keep your hands crossed! Great Junior"s Henry has gained an offer for a role at the upcoming KBS drama "Oh My Venus"! The drama, starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, was once formerly called "Oh My God".

A representative of the drama told Sports Today in the process the phone, "The "Oh My Girl" production staff currently sent Henry the script and synopsis."

According to the representative, Henry became presented the role of So Ji Sub"s American friend, which would be highest for him. As enthusiasts know, Henry was born and raised in Canada, so he"s very fluent in English. He is expounded to be definitely taking into account the offer. despite the reality that filming for the drama has no longer begun yet, it's far inching closer. Henry will must make his resolution soon.

"Oh My Venus" is set a feminine legal professional and a male fitness teacher who either check out dieting, and in the process, heal their beyond scars.

The drama airs on November 16!

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Jessi thinks Henry must sign up for the navy back because he's immature

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Jessi thinks Henry must sign up for the navy back because he's immature

Jessi thinks Henry needs to move back to the army!

Jessi is some of the feminine soldier at the "Real Men" female soldier special. She was once interviewed on the 4th"s episode of "Section TV", and she changed into teased for her mess-up at her advent on her first episode. She laughed and said, "It was just on the primary day. i can be ready to do it smartly now."

When asked who she would suggest for the army, Jessi smiled and said, "I need Henry to re-enlist. He"s so immature."

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Jessi Recommends 2d circular of “Real Men” for Henry

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Jessi Recommends moment around of “Real Men” for Henry Rapper Jessi advised that Super Junior M‘s Henry pass on “Real Men” for the second one time.

On the October four broadcast of MBC‘s “Section television Entertainment Relay,” Jessi, who is recently starring on the feminine soldier special of “Real Men,” gave an interview.

The reporter asks Jessi, “Are you still in a position to recite your magnificence and name?” At this, Jessi reports, “I simplest had hassle on the primary day! I will do it neatly now.”

Afterwards, the reporter asks Jessi, “Who is any person you’d love to counsel for ‘Real Men’?” Jessi smiles mischievously and says, “I need Henry to enlist again. He’s still immature.”

Meanwhile, earlier, Henry had gotten Jessi into trouble at the navy through giving her the entire wrong suggestion for enlistment.

Super Junior M’s Henry Is Stunned by ability of PD’s remark on “1 evening 2 Days”

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Super Junior M’s Henry Is stunned by PD’s Comment on “1 Night 2 Days” Super Junior M‘s Henry provides the gift of laughter for the Chuseok vacations to the audience of “1 Night 2 Days” as he fails to recognize Kim Joo Hyuk and then has a lovable reaction to a shaggy dog story by a PD.

The September 27 broadcast of KBS2‘s “1 Night 2 Days” functions visitors who have all spent time abroad. They sign up for the solid to visit Gyeongbuk for a normal Korean experience. All over the show, Henry reveals his spouse Kim Joo Hyuk with some difficulty. Upon seeing Henry, Kim Joo Hyuk approaches him happily.

However, Henry doesn’t admire Kim Joo Hyuk. As he runs over to greet him, Henry turns to the staff, flustered, and says, “Who is that? What’s his name?”

The display then displays him earlier, answering a query about whether he watches “1 Night 2 Days.” Henry replies, “I heard the ’1 Night 2 Days’ group of workers didn’t like me as it was once in the similar time slot as ‘Real Men.’”

At this, the PD jokes, “We didn’t like you,” which shocks Henry and he freezes for a moment.

Henry then smiles and says, “Don’t dislike me!”

Meanwhile, Henry have become hugely popular as a wide range superstar after his appearance on MBC‘s “Real Men.”

Henry is terribly candy to his beautiful sister Whitney!

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Henry is terribly candy to his beautiful sister Whitney!

Henry and his sister Whitney are akin to great pair of siblings!

It turns out like Whitney is visiting Korea and Henry picked her up from the airport today. So beneficiant of him to proportion a photo with her or even let her give lovers a greeting.

Through his flitto audio update, we can be in a position to listen the candy voice of his sister greeting everyone. In keeping with them, his sister is unwell so they ate Korean food first. His sister may be amazed through Korean airport.

On the alternative hand, the 2 glance so close and sweet in the photo with Henry feeding Whitney whilst having a look at the camera. They will have to have the kind of just right relationship. Concentrate to the audio update HERE  for their complete conversation.