Highlights Yong Junhyung Talks About Reaching A Limit With Song Inspiration And Why He Doesnt Listen To Music

Highlights Yong Junhyung Talks About Reaching A Limit With Song Inspiration And Why He Doesnt Listen To Music

Highlights Yong Jun Hyung recently participated in a pictorial for GQ Magazine and discussed everything from reaching a limit with song inspiration to why he doesnt listen to music often in the accompanying interview.

The artist talked about how he has always been the type to keep things to himself and how he now expresses his feelings, thoughts, and frustrations through his music. Yong Jun Hyung also talked about how lyrics were the most important part of his song making process and said, I cant move forward with a new song if the topic and story are undecided. Even if the melody for the song is good, if the lyrics dont flow well, the song cant be good in my opinion.

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When asked to pick the best song he has ever written, Yong Jun Hyung replied without hesitation, Yang Yoseobs solo track Caffeine. Its a track that I felt was the most cathartic for me.

When asked what kind of expression best describes him, the artist responded, A little bitter. The emotions that I usually experience are ones that are a bit lonely and depressing. Sometimes those emotions subside because of small things like a phone call from a friend but there are other times when I cant seem to push them aside no matter how hard I try. When I look back at the things I wrote down during those difficult periods, I get kind of frightened of myself and how intense my emotions areTruthfully though, songs come out the most easily when I am exhausted or hurt emotionally.

In response to a question about whether he has reached a limit with inspiration for songs, Yong Jun Hyung replied, I think I have reached a limit. I write a lot of songs about love but the point of inspiration for these songs was from so long ago. No matter how I hard I try to write about something else, I always end up writing songs about the same thing.

When the interviewer said that he could just make new memories, the artist replied, I dont have any thoughts to do that. If Im going to be really honest, Im a bit exhausted right now. Obviously, I would like to have a true connection with someone but, right now, I am a bit indifferent to it. Plus, Im a little scared of all relationships right now because getting to trust anyone has become difficult for me.

When asked where he likes to listen to music, Yong Jun Hyung gave a surprising answer and said, I dont usually listen to that much music because its distracting. When I do listen to music, I listen to songs that I have madeSometimes I listen to my songs 100 or 200 times on repeatnot because Im trying to find something to fix but because I really like my own songs.

Meanwhile, Highlights Yong Junhyung will be making a solo comeback later today with two tracks, Wonder If, which features rapper Heize, and Too Much Love Kills Me.