Highlights Lee Gikwang Explains Why He Chose Title Track Co-Composed By Yong Junhyung

Highlights Lee Gikwang Explains Why He Chose Title Track Co-Composed By Yong Junhyung

Highlights Lee Gikwang held a release concert for his solo mini album ONE at a cafe on September 4.

During the event, Lee Gikwang said, Ive been in the industry for nine years, and I have experienced four separate debuts. As AJ, BEAST, Highlight, and now with all of those experiences under my belt, as Lee Gikwang.

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He continued, There are things that Im good at as Lee Gikwang, but I dont think I was able to show a lot of those sides because I never had the opportunity to do so.

Lee Gikwang also talked about what the name AJ meant to him. He said, AJ stands for Ace Junior. Since I am no longer a junior, I returned as Lee Gikwang, not AJ. I think AJ was an irreplaceable stepping stone towards Lee Gikwang, but I wanted to show you who Lee Gikwang is as an artist.

He also revealed some details about making his album. He said, I decided the directional nature of the album first, and then selected the tracks. I made the album so that I can showcase a lot of songs that are suitable for me. Generally speaking, the album has a calm air to it.

Lastly, he explained why he selected his fellow group member Yong Junhyungs co-composed song to be his title track. He said, I tried meeting a lot of composers to collaborate and tried to write the title track, but time kept slipping by, and it was not easy to write a title track.

He continued, I had asked Good Life [Yong Junhyung and Kim Tae Joo] beforehand, and the track that Junhyung worked on was so good compared to what I worked on. I could also imagine how to express and enjoy performing the song when I first heard it. There had been no song like that before.

Lee Gikwang made a comeback on September 4 as a solo artist after first releasing his debut album as AJ in April of 2009. His new mini album includes eight songs, with What You Like as the title track.