Highlight’s Dongwoon celebrates his birthday with fans

Highlight’s Dongwoon celebrates his birthday with fans

Highlight’s Dongwoon celebrated his birthday today (June 6) with fans via Naver ‘V’ Live titled ‘HAPPY DONGWOON DAY.’

Broadcasted on June 6, Dongwoon interacted with fans on his 26th birthday.

“Highlight’s concert was held last weekend. Fans took the time to sing happy birthday surprising me with a cake on Sunday (June 4),” said the idol¬†star as he thanked his dear fans.

Dongwoon went on to read some questions/comments from fans. When asked ‘what his fellow members got him for his birthday,’ he answered, “We decided not to give one another birthday gifts. It’s because since we know one another so well, it would be quite burdensome to swap gifts every time.”

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Marking 9 years since their debut as B2ST and returning as the newly revamped Highlight, the group has received much love and support thanks to their dynamic music sounds.

With that, member Yoseob made a surprise appearance with a birthday cake on the air and shared his thoughts on their first concert ‘CAN YOU FEEL IT?’. “The concert wrapped up quite well. It felt like a dream being able to spend quality time together.”

Happy Birthday, Dongwoon! 

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