Highlight say they want to surpass B2ST’s success

Highlight say they want to surpass B2ST’s success

Highlight revealed their hopes to surpass the success of B2ST.

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As fans know by now, the B2ST members, excluding Hyunseung, made a fresh start as Highlight after leaving Cube Entertainment. At the press conference for their concert ‘Highlight Live 2017 – Can You Feel It?’ on June 3, the boys of Highlight talked about their plans and aspirations.

Dongwoonsaid, “Nothing has changed since B2ST. We never forgot our beginnings since we debuted as B2ST, but we found the 20% of the initial drive we lost along the way. We want to work hard as Highlight until we surpass B2ST.” Doojoonalso said, “We feel pressured to succeed more than B2ST, and we can’t achieve the honors we did as B2ST in a short time. However, we’re planning to achieve them one by one with our agency and fans.”

‘Highlight Live 2017 – Can You Feel It?’will take place from June 2-4 at the Jamsil Olympic Arena before moving onto Hong Kong on July 29.

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