HIGH4s Sunggu Quietly Enlists In Military

HIGH4s Sunggu Quietly Enlists In Military

It has belatedly been revealed that earlier today on September 12 KST, HIGH4s Sunggu enlisted in the military.

A source stated, Its true that Sunggu enlisted. However, he did not say where or how he enlisted, so I dont know anything about these matters. The other HIGH4 members also responded saying that while they are aware of his enlistment, they also dont know any specific details.

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The source further explained, Sunggu didnt tell anyone around him because he said he wanted to enlist quietly. I also found out today that he had enlisted.

Sunggu debuted as a member of HIGH4 back in 2014. Earlier this year, it was reported that Sunggu had requested to withdraw from the group, and no official update has been given since.