"The Great Wives" Kang Seong-yeon becomes an innocent high school student

Actress Kang Seong-yeon is an innocent student.

Pictures of her were released by her agency.

She"s wearing striped uniforms with her hair parted in two. She"s sitting on a bend reading poems.

Kang Seong-yeon plays Yoo Ji-yeon in the drama "The Great Wives". She"s the only daughter of a rich family and is full of haughtiness. She marries a famous university professor according to the will of her father but it turns out he"s just a part time professor. She uses her genetic economical power to make her husband a full time professor.

Meanwhile, "The Great Wives" is about life, marriage and revenge between three female friends. First broadcast is on June 15 at 7:15PM.



Nam Tae-hyun becomes a high school student with a guitar

Nam Tae-hyun becomes a high school student with a guitar

WINNER Nam Tae-hyun became a high school student.

Pictures of Nam Tae-hyun are from the upcoming web-drama "Her at 0 O"Clock". He"s wearing a uniform and a padded jacket over it.

Nam Tae-hyun takes on the role of Gong Ji-dan, a wannabe superstar who fails in auditions and lives a meaningless life until he meets Min Sera (Seo Min-ji) and develops into a singer. His tall height and good looks stands out.

Nam Tae-hyun focused only on his script while standing by during an outdoor shoot. He is expected to come up with various appeals of his character Gong Ji-dan.

Meanwhile, "Her at 0 O"Clock" is a fantasy music web-drama about something that happens in the singing room which Ji-dan happens to run.




SHINee"s Taemin encourages a student to confess his feelings to a girl on "I"m Going to School"


On the April 21 airing of JTBC"s "I"m Going to School", SHINee"s Taemin and Brown Eyed Girls" Ga In gave some advice to a male student who was having a "some" relationship with a female student at "Kyung Ki Arts High School". 

Taemin encouraged the student by saying, "Send the girl a video message." Ga In got nostalgic as she said, "When I was your age, I was very innocent."

During Taemin"s interview he explained, "I didn"t date or have any experience like that during my school days. That"s why I was curious and wanted to help. If I get the chance, and the proper moment comes, I want to help."

It makes us curious as to if and who Taemin"s dated after graduating from school! He seems like a good matchmaker!

You can catch Taemin, Ga In, and more on every episode of "I"m Going to School".


Was The Girl-On-Girl Kiss In Seonam Girls High School Detectives Too Hot For K-Drama

Was The Girl-On-Girl Kiss In Seonam Girls High School Detectives Too Hot For K-Drama

This kiss has sparked controversy on (Photo : jTBC) The Korean Communications Standards Commission is investigating the February 25 episode of the teen drama Seonam Girls High School Detectives, due to a kiss scene which involved two female students.

The jTBC program decided to tackle the issue of homosexuality head on, by incorporating the scene, which was not approached from a comedic angle. This was an unusual approach for a program airing on Korean television. Even though, Seonam Girls High School Detectives is aired on a cable network, this bold move could jeopardize sponsorship for the program.

Representatives for the Korean Communications Standards Commission admitted that there were no formal complaints from the public about the matter, prior to the start of their investigation.

The perspective of the producers and their thoughts on the controversy were published in an article on Star News which carried the title, Lesbian kiss scene, lets get variety acknowledged.

In this report and a translated article published by allkpop, the producers of Seonam Girls High School Detectives stated, We produced this project in aims to raise acceptance of diversity. We do not think that it is up to us to decide whether homosexuality is right or wrong. Homosexuality was the very first topic that PD Yeo Yoon Hyuk had wanted to touch upon when we were in the midst of preparing "Seonam Girls High School".

The representative for the program went on to express the production teams sincerity in wanting to acknowledge gay teens in Korea. In the report published on allkpop, the representative stated, The homosexual students that we actually met with told us that they do receive unfair treatment at school because of their sexual orientation. We came to produce this drama in hopes that diversity will become accepted."

Most netizens in Korea were supportive of the scene and pointing out issues such as cancer and murder that can be more disturbing for viewers. The issue became a trending topic on Netizen Buzz, as international K-Drama audiences and K-pop fans weighed in with their thoughts.

Netizen Buzz user Nianonymous provided an interesting comment which addressed the juxtaposition between fans that encourage simulated homosexual activity like kissing and intimate embraces between male K-pop idols and drama stars. Nianonymous stated, So it"s okay for guys like those who [are] in boybands to kiss each other as a fanservice but not girls?

Simulated boy-on-boy kisses are a common occurrence in Korean pop. The phenomenon and its significance to K-pop fandom is clearly illustrated on Tumblr blogs and social media. While it is less common to see similar situations within girl groups, Amber of the electro-pop group f(x) is an example of a female idol whose female fans honor the star with signs that carry phrases like, Amber, will you marry me?

Gay kiss scenes in K-Drama are readily accepted, when the scene is intended to make audiences laugh.

Korean television has become increasingly progressive but it is unusually under the disguise of comedy. Kill Me, Heal Me recently featured a kiss scene between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon but that was done for comedic effect. The scene was not intended to acknowledge the feelings or conflicts experienced by the homosexual population.

Reply 1997 compassionately explored the topic through the friendship of Joon Hee (INFINITEs Hoya) and Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk). Joon Hee harbored deep feelings for Yoo Jae and made a heartfelt confession to his friend.

Hoya portrayed the role with so much compassion, he continues to have his real-life sexuality questioned. On the February 10 episode of 4 Things Show the idol weighed in on his Reply 1997 role. He stated, After appearing in "Reply 1997," I was a bit traumatized at hearing I liked men. What was worse was that I heard even celebrities asked about my sexuality.

Hoya went to on state that he experienced trauma for more than a year following his apperance in Reply 1997.

His situation is an anomaly. Other stars such as Lee Jong Suk, Jo In Sung, Lee Joon and Lee Min Ho have portrayed characters who were either homosexuals or pretending to be gay to advance their career.


"Angry Mom" Kim Hee-seon turns into a high school student

Actress Kim Hee-seon is coming back with the new MBC drama "Angry Mom".

Still cuts of Kim Hee-seon cutting raw fish were revealed on the 16th.

Kim Hee-seon has the knife stuck on point on the cutting board. She looks tough and scary in the picture.

Meanwhile, "Angry Mom" is about a mother becoming a high school student again and facing the realistic problems of Korean education. To be broadcasted in March.



Girl's Day Hyeri's Fans Send Food Truck To Set Of 'Seonam Girls High School Investigators'

Girl's Day Hyeri's Fans Send Food Truck To Set Of 'Seonam Girls High School Investigators'


Girl's Day's member, Hyeri, thanked her fans for the food truck that fed 100 people.

On January 13th, Girls'Day's Hyeri's fans sent over a food truck to set the of her JTBC teenage drama "Seonam Girls High School Investigators"!

Hyeri's fanclub HERA cheered on the staff and cast, who work a busy filming schedule in the cold weather, with a food truck and banner which reads, "Today, it's the polite Ye Hee's treat." A drama rep stated, "Thanks to the thoughtful buffet-style food truck sent all the way to Yeongyang, the cast and staff were able to recharge their fighting spirit. We are always filming in a friendly atmosphere despite the cold weather so please look forward to their activities."

Hyeri also thanked fans through SNS, stating, "Thank you, HERA, for the delicious dinner3. Thanks to you, I was treated like a princess. It gives me strength. It gives me strength!"

"Seonam Girls High School Investigators" airs every Tuesday at 11 PM KST!


Hallyu Star Girl's Day's Hyeri Is Sexy With a Loaded Gun In Stills For

Hallyu Star Girl's Day's Hyeri Is Sexy With a Loaded Gun In Stills For "Sunam Girls High School Detectives"

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Poses With a Gun for the Next Episode of “Sunam Girls High School Detectives”

The hallyu star Girl’s Day’s member, Hyeri, who is taking over the female lead in JBTC’s drama “Sunam Girls High School Detectives,” has surprised fans with her latest photos.

Already known as the “pretty one” on the show, Hyeri caught the attention of many after revealing herself dressed up as a cute Bond girl on January 5.

She is currently playing the role of the beautiful Lee Ye Hee, who dreams to be the future queen of Cannes as an actress. In the picture posted, Hyeri is holding a gun with a captivating look to her, stealing the hearts of both men and women.

Most importantly, Hyeri’s acting is highlighting the adorableness of her character by putting in her everything in each episode. Many viewers are anticipating every minute of the show due to her rising acting skills.

A representative of “Sunam Girls High School Dectectives” said, “Gunfire, loud enough to surprise all the viewers, will echo throughout the next episode. You will have to watch the show to figure out how Hyeri’s gun will be used in the actual scene,” making viewers even more curious.

Meanwhile, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger as Hae Ni (Jo Si Yoon) stood on a rooftop.


Girl’s Day’s Hyeri tears skirt on

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri tears skirt on "Sunam Girls’ High School Detectives"

On January 2nd,jTBC aired their New Year Special episode which showed snippets from the set of the upcoming show "Sunam Girls High School Detectives," which will feature Jin Ji Hee, Kang Min Ah, Lee Min Ji and Stephanie Lee.

During the filming, an unexpected incident was caught on cam. Girls Days Hyeri accidentally tore her skirt after her tumble. To address the wardrobe malfunction, they used pins to hold the skirt together. But Hyeri seemed not bothered or embarrassed with what happened, and still able to laugh at it.

"Sunam Girls High School Detectives" is scheduled to premiere its first episode on January 16th.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net SOURCE:Newsen


Girl's Day Hyeri Will Star In

Girl's Day Hyeri Will Star In "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" Drama

Girl’s Day member Hyeri has been confirmed to star in JTBC’s upcoming drama, "Seonam Girls High School Investigators". In this drama, Hyeri will play the role of a high school student, Lee Ye-hee, who is always hunted by the modern clothing style.

Teen actress Jin Ji-hee of "High Kick Through The Roof" (2009) has also been cast for the series, but the other three actresses have not yet been chosen. Having started out as a member of Girl"s Day in 2010, Hyeri was overshadowed by other members in her early career but began to stand out recently when she appeared in the reality TV show "Real Men". "Hyeri decided to join the drama series right after she finished reading the screenplay. Hyeri told us that she has many things in common with her character", said an official of the new drama"s production team. By Sung So-young


Girls Day Hyeri is participating in a new drama  Sunam Girls High School Detectives

Girls Day Hyeri is participating in a new drama Sunam Girls High School Detectives

Girl’s Day Hyeri in Talks for New JTBC Mystery Drama

Hyeri, member of Girl’s Day is taking part in a forthcoming drama of JTBC called Sunam Girls High School Detectives“. Jin Ji Hee and Kim Min Jun are expected to join in this film.

Inspite of the fact that there have no revealing for the date release of the drama, a media agency interviewed a representative of JTBC and said that they have not decided exact date , however, they expected that the drama would broadcast by the end of this year.

The content of this film is based on  the original mystery novel of the same name by Park Ha Ik, which, published last year, was a huge success, and tells the story of five high school girls who become their own detectives.

Girl’s Day seems to have made no official statement thus far about the new drama.