HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hero - Drama - 2012'

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hero - Drama - 2012'

Heuk-cheol and I-on

While he does feel sympathy and a feeling of justice after he's taking at the cases, acknowledged situations also roughly land onto his lap and the truth that they all just take place to be attached to the key plot feels contrived as well.

There are many fantastic parts about "Hero - Drama - 2012" and the characters are fun, yet it's totally challenging to glue to them on a more than superficial point at this point. so much is dependent on whether they are going to make any other season, for the explanation that thing here is, OCN isn't that fab with intensity of tale and while they are attempting to move for a more US tv form of format, their storytelling strategies are that of Korean drama. The plot feels too stretched out so as to hide many episodes and regardless of its exciting presentation, it feels slow on the improvement side.

This manner that the drama sounds like an introductory season and then the "real" thing will start. The query is, will it? This may also be a series value finding out for all of the excellent things it does, but it does no longer feel like one that will be a standalone drama. If OCN has some other season planned, then this is able to just be great. For now, there is attainable no longer yet realized.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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"Hero - Drama - 2012"

OCN has taken a big step into the world of dramas in the last few years. Going for the crime genre with a spin and going for the multi-season format, it is trying many new things for Korean television. From "God's Quiz" to "Vampire Prosecutor" to 'Special Affairs Team TEN', the style and cinematic quality they are going for are their trademark. Futuristic dark action series 'Hero - Drama - 2012' is OCN's drama directed by Kim Hong-seon-I ('Fireworks - 2006', 'Warrior Baek Dong-soo') and written by Goo Dong-hoi ('Yaksha'). While not certain there will be a second season for this one, the series definitely remains open enough for one.

'Hero - Drama - 2012' takes place in an almost dystopian near future South Korea which is going through a great depression. The chasm between the rich and the poor has gotten bigger, corruption and crime are rampant and the poor suffer at the hands of an almost dictatorship. Kim Heuk-cheol (Yang Dong-geun) is far from a heroic type. Being the second son of the current mayor, Kim Hoon (Son Byeong-ho), he is a spoiled rich brat and a playboy, acting up in hope to get daddy's attention. After a fatal accident that takes Heuk-cheol's life, his father gives the ok to a team of scientists creating some very shady serum for him to inject his son with it and bring him back. The serum saves Heuk-cheol, but also gives him superhuman strength and self-healing abilities. As he discovers his new powers, the need for a hero in this city comes knocking.

One thing which is very unique to the series is the time setting. While not sci-fi or really emphasizing the technology too much, the fact that this is set in the future is quite rare for the medium. Its dark and almost noir-like visual style, the action and the other presentation elements are also what one would expect from a channel like OCN. The series is impressive in those areas.

The story is quite intriguing as a premise too. As seemingly powerful as drama heroes are in their own stories, superheroes are not something we get every day and the fact that Heuk-cheol starts off as an almost antihero, living a selfish and shallow life, has great potential. The acting is fine and the camaraderie and sort-of attraction between Heuk-cheol and Yoon I-on (Han Chae-ah) are also nice to see, since they are a buddy duo without the woman being downplayed for the sake of the guy.

The individual cases Heuk-cheol handles are also interesting and the cameos and different types of villains he puts in their place are very fun to watch. But with those elements come the drama's flaws. Three main flaws, which, while not complete mood-killers, do waste some of the potential.

Since this was probably planned as a multi-season drama, the first season feels more like an introduction. This means that Heuk-cheol is simply a bored, lazy and uninterested in his own heroics for the most part. While a reluctant hero is an interesting character, it is hard to really sympathize with him when it takes a whole season for the active and aware heroism to kick in.

While he does feel sympathy and a sense of justice after he takes on the cases, said cases also kind of land onto his lap and the fact that they all just happen to be connected to the main plot feels contrived as well.

There are many great elements about 'Hero - Drama - 2012' and the characters are fun, but it is very hard to connect to them on a more than superficial level at this point. A lot depends on whether they will make another season, because the thing here is, OCN is not that great with depth of story and while they are trying to go for a more US television type of format, their storytelling methods are that of Korean drama. The plot feels too stretched out in order to cover many episodes and despite its exciting presentation, it feels slow on the development side.

This means that the drama feels like an introductory season after which the "real" thing will start. The question is, will it? It is a series worth checking out for all the good things it does, but it does not feel like one which can be a standalone drama. If OCN has another season planned, then this might just be great. For now, there is potential not yet realized.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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Super Junior's Leeteuk, EXO's Suho, Kassy And More Sing 'My Hero' For SM STATION!

Super Junior's Leeteuk, EXO's Suho, Kassy And More Sing 'My Hero' For SM STATION!

Super Junior's Leeteuk, EXO's Suho, Kassy And More Sing 'My Hero' For SM STATION! Jul 01, 2016 05:30

The MV for SM STATION's newestunmarried 'My Hero' has been released.

Produced by way of Cho Young Soo, 'My Hero' now notmost effective feature Tremendous Junior's Leeteuk, EXO's Suho, singer Kassy yet also quite so much of former and existing Korean athletes. The song is served as a cheering message for the entire athletes who could be competing in 2016 Summer Olympics.

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#EXO #Kassy #leeteuk #My Hero

Watch: Large Junior’s Leeteuk, EXO’s Suho, Kassy, And More Pay Tribute To National Athletes In “My Hero”

Watch: Large Junior’s Leeteuk, EXO’s Suho, Kassy, And More Pay Tribute To National Athletes In “My Hero”

Watch: Great Juniors Leeteuk, EXOs Suho, Kassy, And More Pay Tribute To National Athletes In My Herokminjungee June 30, 2016 0 Watch: Super Juniors Leeteuk, EXOs Suho, Kassy, And More Pay Tribute To National Athletes In My Hero On July 1, SM STATION released their newest track, a collaboration between Super Juniors Leeteuk, EXOs Suho, Kassy, songwriter Cho Young Soo, in addition many beyond Olympic champions.

With a lush orchestral melody, transparent vocals from all 3 featured singers, as neatly as background vocals suppliedvia several Olympic medalists and national athletes themselves, My Hero is a touching tribute to either past and present South Korean athletes.

Clips of the singers are interspersed with images from old Olympics occasions and victories, magnifying the poignant which meansin the back of the song.

The lyrics inspirethose heroes to never surrender because every person is supporting them, thruthe entire ups and downs. With the 2016 Summer Olympics just round the corner, the video is both emotional and encouraging.

Furthermore, since South Korea is the host for the 2018 Wintry weather Olympics, the video befits the placement even more.

Watch the heartfelt video below!

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#EXO #Kassy #Leeteuk #Suho #Super Junior

Korean Enthusiasts  Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Korean Enthusiasts Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about GIFs of Kai and Krystal which presentations Kai allegedly having emotions for Krystal

Earlier, we reported that Kai and Krystal were dating and that SM Entertainment showed the speculations. Yet did Kai get started liking Krystal even prior to she began to have feelings against him?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk about GIFs that displays Kai allegedly having feelings toward Krystal even before she did.

Titled Days When Kai Cherished Krystal, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I dont know if they had a thing or Kai simplest liked her but

this was onceall through 2012 SM Concert. He assists in keeping wondering around Krystal before maintaining her hands to mention bye to the fans.

He holds her hands to claimexcellent bye.

Kai taking a look at Krystal secretly.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

117 / -5 I might bein a position to just feel that Kai in reality liked her a lot.

102 / -4 To be honest, they honestlyglancesensiblein combination

100 / -5 I suspectthey're going toclosingdecadesmaking an allowance for they were pals for see you later

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100 Rookie Male Idols Face Off in Intense Festival to Transform  without equal Hero on “Dream Team”

100 Rookie Male Idols Face Off in Intense Festival to Transform without equal Hero on “Dream Team”

100 Rookie Male Idols Face Off in Intense Pageant to Turn out to bewithout equal Hero on Dream Teamkminjungee March 12, 2016 0 LINE it!100 Rookie Male Idols Face Off in Intense Competition to Changed into the Last Hero on Dream Team At the latest episode of “Dream Team,” visitorstake part in a hybrid game special, “Heroes vs. Minions,” which combines computer games with competitions original to “Dream Team,” developing a hybrid that’s the primary of its kind. 

Aside from 10 hot stars equivalent to “Legendary Gamer” Lee Yun Yeol, “Captain Jack” Kang Hyung Woo, Yoon Jung Soo, and Yang Se Chan, one hundrednewbies from male idol teamsshapea section of the line-up for this episode of “Dream Team.”

On a patented set, those participants face off in a fiery competition so as to decide the “ultimate hero.”

In addition to already well known “athletic-dols” such as Cross Gene’s Takuya and JJCC’s Simba, contributors from groups such as KNK, LEGEND, and Topp Dogg make up one of thea hundred participants who energetically compete on the show.

“Dream Team” aired on March thirteen at 10:30 a.m. KST.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Neighborhood Hero' episodes 11 and 12

Video Added Korean drama 'Neighborhood Hero' episodes 11 and 12

Added episodes 11 and 12 for the Korean drama "Neighborhood Hero"

"Neighborhood Hero" (2016) Directed via Kwak Jeong-hwan Written by Kim Gwan-hoo Network : OCN With Park Si-hoo, Jo Seong-ha, Lee Soo-hyeok, Kwon Yoo-ri, Yoon Tae-yeong, Jeong Man-sik,... 16 episodes - Sat, Sun 23:00 Synopsis An ex-secret agent, who bears a painful history from the past, gets to understanda tender man, who makes a living running every bit an worker on transient contract. The ex-agent trains the young man to turn him into a undercover agentso as to combatopposed to evil. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/01/23

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Spoiler "Neighborhood Hero" Park Si-hoo in a trap, will he be successful in revenge

Actor Park Si-hoo is in a trap.

He is latelygambling the a section of an ex-secret agent named Baek Si-yoon.

Baek Si-yoon attempted to get his revenge at the12th episode yet brutal into a trap.

Si-yoon (Park Si-hoo) has analytical talents and insight like the former agent that he was. To capture Hwang's (Song Jae-ho) assassin JJ and evil Yoon Sang-min (Yoon Tae-yeong), he teamed up with Lee Soo (Kang Kyeong-heon) and Min to get a dangle of a plan. To maintain Jeong Soo-hyeok (Jeong Man-sik) and Park Seon-hoo (Ahn Seok-hwan) who were in his way, Baek Si-yoon said, "If we impress them neatlyample Jeong Soo-hyeok may order the killer to move".

Si-yoon asked for the reality from Jeong Soo-hyeok and said, "I wish topay attention it from you personally. There are robust Koreans at the back of it and I had to hide up the Macao incident to give coverage to them. So I ordered the hit. Who is behind all this this is hurting blameless people? How powerful are they?"

However, Si-yoon fell for Yoon Sang-min's trap. Si-yoon controlledto assembledata about JJ by way of tapping Yoon Sang-min's administrative center and staking out, but Yoon Sang-min used to be there. Yoon Sang-min had set free false data to lead Si-yoon there.


Neighborhood Hero, Episodes 4-6: A feeling of Purpose

Neighborhood Hero, Episodes 4-6: A feeling of Purpose

20160301_seoulbeats_neighborhoodhero2Group Hero, Episodes 4-6: A feeling of ReasonWritten through Justin On March 2, 201620160301_seoulbeats_neighborhoodheroBurning questions are answered, yet eve more are raised in episodes four, five, and six of Neighborhood Hero. A sense of aim drives the tale for Im Tae-Ho (Cho Seong-Ha) and Choi Chan-Gyu (Lee Soo-Hyuk) as we delve deeper into their characters. The shadow of Jin-Woos death continues to linger above Shi-Yoon as he furthers his quest for vengeance.

Up to this point, the recommendation from Shi-Yoons own momin conjunction with President Hwang have failed to cajole him to turn the opposite cheek. From his point of view, those two folks dont understand. How may just they? Theyre having a look from the out of doors in. But now he gets an opinion from the voice of somebody who used to be affected even more than him by Jin-Woos death Jin-Woos mother. Her plea for him now notto exploit her sons call to justify his unwell intentions will resonate with him from here on out.

The interiorfight and guilt that this creates in his brain sets up audience for some fantasticpersonalitydevelopment moments moving forward. The maximumappealing characters are the ones that we willrealize and sympathize with. Regardless of whichever trail nosotros think he will have to choose, whether it be peace or revenge, neatly nevertheless be in a positionto comprehendthe verdict he makes.

As sturdy equally his stubbornness is, Shi-yoons innate choice is to be offeringcoverage tothe folks he cares about. Beating up side road thugs that terrorize local companies has earn this silent father or mother the nickname The Shadow. The struggling with scenes do an incredibleprocess of portraying how unhealthy he in point of fact is and his broadwisdom of martial arts. Even with any such training, violence isn't his first solution. Weve observed him consistently warn individuals to go into reverse and step away, but weve also visible him smash bones if necessary.

20160301_seoulbeats_neighborhoodhero3Although he doesnt necessarily would like to exist The Shadow, he cant lend a hand but to step in each and every time he sees blamelessfolks being harassed. Luckily, there is someone available in the market who does need that obligation Chan-Gyu. While Shi-Yoon has shown glimpses of darkness brewing in his mind, Chan-Gyu turns out to be a in fact good-hearted individual.

The scenes that involve him are at all times the more light-hearted portions of the episodes. The easiest use of humor in the display is seeing the humanshe's assigned to observeif fact be told spotter over him. His coming updating alongsideauthor Bae (Kwon Yuri) is an integral a section of him in want of to turning into the shadow. Shi-Yoon refuses to teach Chan-Gyu, but we know that someday hell don't have anyselection but to take Chan-Gyu on as an apprentice. Him being The Shadow interrupts his last mission, and the simplest real style to balance either is to pass the responsibility to  someone else.

Shi-Yoon is the foremostpoint of interest of the drama and the using story, but Tae-Ho is also the most intricate lineamentat the show. He is an overlyconcerned parent and husband whilst balancing his pro life, which is starting to necessitate things that he doesnt even comprehend. Its heartwarming to peer him have interaction with his teenage daughter which he manifestly knows is going thru puberty. Thats why its not easy to watch him be tortured for disobeying regulations for arguably the proper reason. As weve considered from outdated episodes, Tae-Ho is willing to cross positive lines to supply for his family, but how some distance volition he must go? While Chan-Gyu is beginning to notice his sense of purpose, Tae-Ho struggles with his and his own morality.

20160301_seoulbeats_neighborhoodhero5Someone who has triumph over his own struggles is President Hwang. When the former intelligence agent revealed his beyond about his circle of relatives to publisher Bae, I knew his fate become sealed. The writers knew how to play with our feelings and they done IT without remorse. We never see him in a bad temper and the truththat every one one of these miserable memories still linger at the back of his head is heartbreaking. Through these 3 episodes, he has turn out to be a mentor to Shi-Yoon, writer Bae, and Chan-Gyu, and taking someone this as regards to them away will alternateyour complete dynamic of the show.

Everything Ive mentionedto this point has been done with large effect. My only complaint up till right away is that we don't appear to be getting much pattern for our antagonists. We know they need toput off smaller businesses that stand in their way and that cashis a huge motivator, but rather than that, these appear to be your conventional mustache-twirling villains. The scariest villains are the ones who think theyre doing the appropriate thing, and I dont get a sense of that with these characters as of yet. Because of the nature of the drama and the manner the tale unveils surprises, Ill consider the writers reasoning for the slower progression of the antagonists for now. It hasnt negatively affected the story line yet, and has in exact fact given them an opportunity to expand their protagonists even further.

These three episodes have indubitably been more attractive then the former ones, but thats herbal as the plot unfolds. Weve been install  for some interesting character tendencies as these characters are faced with not possiblechoices to make. Tae-Hos catch 22 situation adds numerousintensity to the show, and Shi-Yoons balance of character offers us someone to narrate to. Neighborhood Heros tone is starting to take a darker turn, and now that we know any character might be on the slicing block, the stakes are even higher.

What did you call to mind these episodes? Which character do you relate with?