Heres why Lee Dong Wooks lips are so red

Heres why Lee Dong Wooks lips are so red

Fans have been continually amazed at how Actor Lee Dong Wooks lips are always cherry red and were curious to find out what his secrets of having such red lips were.

In Actor Lee Dong Wooks most recent drama, Goblin, many viewers were shocked at how the actors lips always appeared bright red. Some believed that his lips were red because he wore lip tint. In fact, when typing Lee Dong Wooks name on Naver, Lee Dongwooks lips are one of the most searched results. However, theres no trick behind his bright red lips, theyre naturally that color!

Take a look at these images from Goblin that showed off Lee Dong Wooks luscious red lips:

Look at those red alluring lips!Thats not lipstick? Seriously?His lips were so rich in color, it really seemed like he was wearing tint.

The actors red lips were also a hot topic when he was filming Bubble Gum as well.

Lee Dong Wook put all the speculations to rest during a live vlog with the cast of Bubble Gum. When asked if Lee Dong Wook was wearing lip tint, he rubbed his lips with the back of his hand to show that he wasnt.

Lee Dong Wook explained that his lips have always been bright red, since childhood. He even went to an oriental doctor, and was told that his lips could be that color because he has a lot of heat in his body.

Lee Dong Wooks lips were such a trending topic, they even incorporated a scene in Bubble Gum that joked about them. In the scene, Ryeowons role asked Dongwooks role Do you really weartints on your lip? Lee Dong Wooks character then proceeded to rub his lips with his hand saying, Theyre always like that.

Dont miss out Lee Dong Wooks chemistry with Gong Yoo and check out Goblin if you havent already!