Heres How People Are Responding To The Fat Shaming Post About PRISTINs Kyla

Heres How People Are Responding To The Fat Shaming Post About PRISTINs Kyla

Netizens are calling PRISTINs Kylas haters out for fat shaming a 15-year-old girl.

There was recently an online community posted a post titled Girl Group New Style Body with bad photos of Kyla.

The author of the post claimed that Kyla was a little chubby for a girl group idol and used pictures to prove their point.

However, many responded to the post and defended Kyla saying that she looks perfectly healthy and fine.

Many said that they saw Kyla in person and thought that she was beautiful.

Netizens even said that not all girl group idols should be stick skinny or fit perfectly well in tight clothing.

The close-up photo of her used in the post was also taken at a very unflattering angle, as she looked perfectly fine in other close-ups.

They addressed the situation on MBCs Section TV by making a rap encouraging Kyla and saying that she shouldnt worry and stay healthy.

Its sad that female idol always get body shamed;;; Kyla is beautiful ♡♡♡ She deserves so much more than having all the hate about her body.

Kylas older brother also found out about the weight shaming and called the haters out.

and to the ones who are attacking her, shame on you. I feel sorry that you have nothing better to do than pick on a 15 yr old. But to the on

Luke (@LukeyMassie) May 2, 2017

Fat shaming and malicious comments are 100% never okay.

PSA: Whatever seems like a harmless little joke can actually hurt someone more than you think. So always think before you say

Luke (@LukeyMassie) May 3, 2017

Fans poured their love and encouragements to Kyla, which gave her strength to look past the haters and stay strong.

PRISTIN Fans: My sister thanks you for all of the kind words and said shell ignore the hate that she receives! Shell continue to work hard