Heres How Much Sugas “Black Plastic Bag” Costs

Heres How Much Sugas “Black Plastic Bag” Costs

Fans were shocked when Suga stepped out in a coat resembling a black plastic bag but whats even more jaw-dropping is how much it cost.

While BTSs Suga looks great no matter what he wears, his birthday gift from J-Hope had fans questioning his choice, especially when it came down to its retail price.

On the 28th of April, the BTS account tweeted two photos of Suga in his black plastic bag outfit. And while he still manages to look effortlessly cool, fans couldnt get over just how much it cost.

홉이가 생일 선물로 준 검은색 비닐봉지를 입고 도촬 그만 하라구 호석아;;;;

The coat, which was part of the Supreme x Comme Des Garcons collection, is being advertised online with prices ranging from anything in between $368 to well over $900 on re-seller sites.

J-Hope presented this coat to Suga for his birthday.The coat reportedly has a retail price of $400.Suga wearing the same coat to a schedule.