Here is how netizens are reacting to Sulli’s latest dating news with Kim Min Jun

Here is how netizens are reacting to Sulli’s latest dating news with Kim Min Jun

It’s official. Sulli has a new lover. After 2 months since her breakup news with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, SM Entertainment confirmed that Sulli is now dating brand director Kim Min Jun. And As always, netizens are typing away their thoughts about Sulli and her love life on various online communities. 

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Some are comparing her new lover to her ex-boyfriend and commented, “Her taste in men don’t change”, “That guy looks exactly like Choiza”, “Kim Min Jun looks like Choiza in the photos”, “She seems to like the ahjusshi (older men) types.”

A lot of netizens made comments about her label, and stated, “Based on the fast confirmation… it seems like SM gave up on her.. lol”, “Why is SM still with Sulli lol SM is usually very sensitive about their idols’ dating news but it feels like they have just given up  now”, “Why is Sulli’s contract with SM so long?”, “Why is SM still keeping Sulli? It doesn’t seem like she’s bringing in money. Amusing”, “The thing that shocks me the most is that she’s still under SM.”

Other comments stated, “Sulli……. amazing”, “You gotta live like Sulli lol”, “I think Sulli’s job is to date”, “Wow hahahahaha does this mean she was cheating? If they started dating 2 months ago..”, “It seems like she can’t live without a boy”, “Isn’t he Choiza’s friend?”, “Did she breakup with Choiza because of him?”, “I guess she resets her Instagram each time she has a new man lol”

What was your reaction to Sulli’s dating news? 

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