Here Are The Winners From 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards

Here Are The Winners From 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards

The 2017 Baeksang Art Awards just wrapped up, and we have all the winners from the show right here!

The biggest awards were given out for Best Drama, Best Movie, and Best Actor, Best Actress for both Drama and Movie categories.

Here are all the winners from the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards!

Best Educational Program — Ssulzun

Best Educational Program Award goes to “Ssulzun”#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) May 3, 2017

Best Variety Program — My Ugly Duckling

Best Variety Award goes to “Ugly Duckling#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best New Drama Actor — Kim Min Seok (Doctors)

Best New Drama Actor award goes to Kim Min Seok!!

Best New Drama Actress — Lee Se Young (Laurel Tree Tailors)

Best New Drama Actress award goes to Lee Se Young!!#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Male Variety Award — Kim Jong Min (1N2D)

Best Male Variety Award goes to Yang Se Hyung for “Mobidic#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Female Variety Award — Park Na Rae (I Live Alone)

Best Female Variety Award goes to Park Na Rae for “I Live Alone#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Drama Script — Noh Hee Kyung ( Dear My Friends)

Best Script award goes to Noh Hee Kyung for “Dear My Friends #BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best New Movie Director — Yeon Sang Ho (Train To Busan)

Best New Movie Director award goes to Yeon Sang Ho for “Train To Busan#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best New Movie Actor — Ryu Jun Yeol (The King)

Best New Movie Actor award goes to Ryu Joon Yeol for “The King#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best New Movie Actress — Lee Sang Hee (Our Love Story)

Best New Movie Actress award goes to Lee Sang Hee for “Our Love Story#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Screenplay Writer — The World Of Us (Yoon Ga Soon)

Best Screenplay award goes to Yoon Ga Yoon for “The World Of Us#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Supporting Male Movie Actor — Kim Eui Sung (Train To Busan)

Best Supporting Actor Award goes to Kim Eui Sung for “Train To Busan#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Supporting Female Movie Actress — Kim So Jin (The King)

Best Supporting Actress Award goes to Kim So Jin for “The King#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Star Century Popularity Award TV — Park Bo Gum Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung win the Star Century Popularity Award for TV#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Star Century Popularity Award Movie — Yoona (Confidential Assignment) Do Kyung Soo (Brother)

D.O and Yoona win the Star Century Popularity Award for Movies#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Drama Producer — Yoo In Shik (Romantic Doctor)

Best Producer Award goes to Yoo In Sik for “Romantic Doctor#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Drama Actor — Gong Yoo (tvN Goblin)

Gong Yoo wins Best Drama Actor Award for Goblin! 👹❤️

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Best Drama Actress — Seo Hyun Jin (tvN Again Oh Hae Young)

Seo Hyun Jin wins Best Drama Actress Award for “Again Oh Hae Young! #BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Movie Actor — Song Gang Ho (Age of Shadows)

Song Gang Ho wins Best Movie Actor Award for “Age Of Shadows”!! Congrats! 🎉 #BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Movie Actress — Son Ye Jin (Princess Deokhye)

Son Ye Jin wins Best Movie Actress Award for “Princess Deokhye”!! Congrats! 🎉 #BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Drama Award — Dear My Freinds

[★BAEKSANG ARTS AWARDS] “Dear My Friends” just won Best Drama!!!!

Congrats! 🎉 🙌🏼😍#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Best Movie Award — The Wailing

The Wailing wins Best Movie !!

Congrats! 🎉 🙌🏼😍#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

TV Daesang — Kim Eun Sook (Goblin)

Kim Eun Sook wins TV Daesung for “Goblin”!! 🙌🏼😍🎉#BaeksangArtsAwards2017

Movie Daesang Park Chan Wook (The Handmaiden)

Park Chan Wook wins Movie Daesung for “The Handmaiden 🙌🏼😍🎉#BaeksangArtsAwards2017