Henry’s still cuts for ‘Dental Story – Weird Man’ revealed

Henry’s still cuts for ‘Dental Story – Weird Man’ revealed

Henry will be the main lead for ‘Dental Story – Weird Man’! 

For the upcoming broadcast of MBC ‘Every Night – Three Imitations: Everything in the World’, Henry will be making an appearance on their segment titled ‘Dental Story – Weird Man’ in which he’ll portray a patient. The casting call was made as a result of a recommendation from Henry’s actor teacher, Kim Jae Won. 

A producer from the show stated, “Kim Jae Won, Lee Soo Kyung, and Henry have put aside time to film two episodes of this show. Please look forward to it.” 

The show is an outdoor variety program where the cast members cooperate to participate in the planning and production of a program. This is the first time that a show will break the walls of South Korea’s broadcast stations. 

You can catch Henry’s appearance on July 9, but until then, check out the behind-the-scenes photos! 

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