Henry tutors actor Yoon Hyun Min in English on ‘I Live Alone’

Henry tutors actor Yoon Hyun Min in English on ‘I Live Alone’

On the July 14 broadcast of MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, actor Yoo Hyun Min received an English lesson fromHenry.

Yoo Hyun Min mentioned, “I never had the chance to learn English before. Since my dream was to become a professional baseball player, (In School) I concentrated on sports instead.” He then asked Henry for help, in which the idol star commented, “I also didn’t use any books for studying Korean. I don’t trust books.”

Soon, Henry began to tutor Yoo Hyun Min one on one as they practiced having a conversation and worked on pronunciation exercises. Henry added, “Since I was surrounded by mostly Korean people, I had no choice but to learn the language. Confidence is key.”

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After the lesson and when Yoo Hyun Min was alone in his room, he decided to give himself an English name. He then browsed through some popular English names when he picked ‘Brad’ after Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Watch as the actor carelessly writes out the word Bread on his belongings instead of Brad, “I’m Bread,” causing much laughter in the studio.

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