Henry apologizes for the ‘offensive’ styling in his “I’m Good” MV

Henry apologizes for the ‘offensive’ styling in his “I’m Good” MV

Henry apologized for his styling in the MV for ”I’m Good”.

The idol star uploaded a video in English via Facebook on July 13, addressing the controversy surrounding his braids and the overall style of his new MV. 

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Henry stated, “I know there are a lot of people out there who are really upset and offended with the styling that was done in the video… I apologize and I’m really sorry I offended anybody, especially the Black community.”

He added, “I know you probably won’t believe me but I think this was all just a result of me loving the Black culture and Black community so much.” 

At the end, he emphasized, “I just like to let you all know that I never intended on offending anybody. All I wanted to do was give you guys good music. I promise from now on that I’ll be more aware of this matter.”

It appears Henry has deleted the video from his Facebook page.

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