Police officials  lend a hand  those helpless lost kids  go back  house once again

Police officials lend a hand those helpless lost kids go back house once again

Pictures shared on Busan Metropolitan Police Agency's reliable Facebook captured the touching moments of police officials returning lost kidsall the manner through the Lunar New Year safely back to their homes.

The lost youngsters are noticed being safely led through the officers back to their families, some of them clinging to the officers for their expensive lives.

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Though the thought about lost toddlersat some point ofthe vacation is heartbreaking, it is a relief to graspthat they're going toat all times reunite with their families thank you to thosetrustworthy officers.

The pictures were shared together with a comical caption which went, "If you do notlisten your lovely niggling monsters causing a ruckus or clacking away at the computer, discover their whereabouts straightaway. They is also roaming an unfamiliar house subsequently making an escapade of the tedious housein their grandmother. Busan Police's 'goo goo ga ga' talentshandiest gets larger by the day thanks to looking after these little monsters to your place."


South Korean Assignment Force Brings K-Pop Dance Routines To Underprivileged Youngsters In Indonesia

South Korean Assignment Force Brings K-Pop Dance Routines To Underprivileged Youngsters In Indonesia

(Photo : KpopStarz )Ultimate week, a South Korean project pull brought pop song to underprivileged youngsters in Indonesia as a type of cultural welfare program.

From Jan. 11 to 16, a collection of 120adolescents in the district of Tigaraksa in Indonesia's Banten Province learned how to dance to K-pop with the assistance of a dozenSouth Korean school students. The scholars went via an 8 week schoolingpath hosted by primary K-pop checklist label YG Entertainment to change into qualified instructors for the program.

On Saturday, the youngsterscarried out for kind of 500 adults in their region.

This is the primaryRespectableBuilding Assistance program began by the making plans body, whose undertakingit's farto take benefit of new strategies to extra the impact and scope of Hallyu (the Korean Wave, or spread of Korean inventive and cultural content) in every other countrywhilstspecializing in philanthropic endeavors.

In addition to the dance program, YG Entertainment artist and philanthropist Noh Seung Hwan (also referred to as Sean from the hip-hop duo Junisean), presented the tots amongst a fund install by lovers of his label-mate T.O.P of the crowdLarge Bang.

"Indonesia has some of thegreatest K-pop fan populations in Southeast Asia," acknowledged a South Korean culture ministry official on Jan. 11, as reported by Yonhap News."This project, albeit small, will assistincrease the hallyu base there. We also plan to bring this program to other countries."

The task force used to beintroduced in 2015, and produced from officials from six applicablegovt agencies, 3 from major Television networks (KBS, MBC, and SBS) and 4 from major entertainment agencies SM, JYP, YG, and CJ EM.

During outdated years, big call K-pop artists corresponding to 2NE1and SHINeehave held concerts in Indonesia as a phase ofglobal tours.Most recently, SM Entertainment's male staff Super Juniortraveled to the rustic equallyelementin their Super Display 6 tour.

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Eru To Hold Solo Concert In Indonesia For The 3rd Consecutive Year

Eru To Hold Solo Concert In Indonesia For The 3rd Consecutive Year

(Photo : Eru Entertainment) Singer Eruwill hold his third solo concert in Indonesia this fall. He previously made a record of selling out all 45,000 tickets for his April 2013 and May 2014 solo concerts in Indonesia. This year, his concert will take place at Tennis Indoor Senayan in Jakarta on November 7, and curiosity is rising over whether he will make another record breaking sellout. According to his agency, Eru Entertainment, the singer has participated in every planning process of his concert by the company. One of his plans include performing hit tracks "Black Glasses," "White Snow," and "I Hate You" during the concert. "This will be another opportunity for me to make new memories with my fans, who have always showered me with love and support," he said. "We"re all doing our best to prepare for a passionate and enjoyable concert, you can look forward to it." So Indonedian fans, get ready as Eru will be making his way back to put on another great show!


Big Bang Fans In Indonesia Raise Concerns About Organization Of Group's Jakarta Concert

Big Bang Fans In Indonesia Raise Concerns About Organization Of Group's Jakarta Concert

Big Bang fans in Indonesia turned from "Fantastic Baby" to "Blue" after the group"s concert failed to live up to the hype, allegedly because of the local promoter"s poor planning and production.

After Big Bang finished their MADE World Tour concert in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta over the weekend, disappointed fans took to the forums to complain about their concert experience.

"Please read this and take it as a lesson. From a disappointed VIP," started a letter from the disappointed Twitter fan Lily Quinn.

Lily Quinn"s letter, which was addressed to YG Entertainment, outlined 13 major complaints which mainly focused on the "very incompetent and unprofessional" way that the local Indonesian promoter conducted the concert.

The fan letter described a "queue chaos" during the event. "There was no one directing and controlling the queues," which then led to confusion and frustration as fans had to bear with pushing and screaming at the lines, and attendees allegedly entering sections they weren"t supposed to.

There was also a big disappointment on the concert"s production values. "The stage was plain and small. Period. It was like a stage from a school festival, not K-Pop royalty Big Bang concert."

Worse, the fan letter claimed that the concert had awful sound and visual systems.

"The sound was so terrible I thought it wasn"t a Big Bang concert. The speaker didn"t give me goosebumps, the mic was too soft I can barely hear BIGBANG, the right screen was off for more than half the concert," the frustrated VIP fan narrated, listing many other problems.

Below is the complete fan letter:

Big Bang Indonesia Concert Fan Complaint 1 (Photo : Lily Quinn Twitter) Big Bang Indonesia Concert Fan Complaint 2 (Photo : Lily Quinn Twitter) Big Bang Indonesia Concert Fan Complaint 3 (Photo : Lily Quinn Twitter) Big Bang Indonesia Concert Fan Complaint 4 (Photo : Lily Quinn Twitter)


Mickey is a writer and digital content creator based in Manila. He is a co-founder of ZAVI Appand editor of the small business blog IndieMickey.He has also been bitten by the K-pop fashion bug - follow him on Instagram @mickjami.


Win tickets to BIG BANG in Philippines and Indonesia from

Win tickets to BIG BANG in Philippines and Indonesia from "BEAT" Radio

Win tickets to BIG BANG in Philippines and Indonesia from


The Beatpacking Company is giving away tickets to the Big Bang concerts held in Indonesia and Philippines this coming July and August, respectively!

For this giveaway, the creators of "BEAT" app will be giving out (16) VIP tickets to the concert in Manila, Philippines and (32) GREY tickets to the show in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The steps to applying to the giveaway is easy. First, download the prized "BEAT" application on to your phone via Google Play or iTunes. Then, send a direct message (DM) to "The Beatpacking Company" on their Facebook page with your "BEAT" ID/email, country you reside in, and a reason why you want to go see Big Bang live.

The deadline for the giveaway is set to be on July 14 and winners will be announced on July 20. As of now, this giveaway is only available to fans who reside in Indonesia and Philippines.

Concert date and location: July 30 @ Mall of Asia Arena, Manila

August 1 @ Indonesia Convention Exhibition Ice Bsd City, Jakarta

Pretty simple way to see your five favorite K-Pop oppas on stage, right? If you haven"t seen Big Bang perform live, you have yet to see one of the best K-Pop performances in the industry. It is guaranteed that Big Bang is one of the best K-pop groups to see and hear live.

"BEAT" is a social music streaming application where you can listen, like, and share your favorite K-Pop songs. What"s even greater is that you can also check out idols" personal playlists. With "BEAT," you can keep up with all the hottest new K-Pop songs of today.

Currently, the app is only available for those who live in the Philippines, Indonesia, U.K., Vietnam, South Africa, and Singapore. Stay tuned as more countries will be unlocked.

Find your "BEAT" here.

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Korean Internet Firms Jostle for Chances in Indonesia

Korean Internet Firms Jostle for Chances in Indonesia

Customers look at smartphones at a shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. /Bloomberg

Several Korean IT firms are venturing into the burgeoning markets of Indonesia, home to the world"s largest Muslim population. Daum Kakao, one of Korea"s biggest Internet companies, acquired its first foreign firm in May this year when it bought Path, a U.S. company that became the third-largest social media platform in Indonesia.Naver, Korea"s largest portal, meanwhile, joined hands with Samsung Electronics in April last year and installed the popular Line messaging app on Galaxy smartphones sold in Indonesia and elsewhere.And Optis, a company in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province that manufactures optical disk drives, signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire ailing Pantech, aiming to sell smartphones in Indonesia.

World"s 4th Most Populous CountryIndonesia is home to 250 million people, the world"s fourth most populous. Not only is the market vast, but its smartphone penetration rate remains low and harbors huge growth potential. Lee Kang-hyun at Samsung"s Indonesian office said, "Until early last year, the bulk of sales were still 2G handsets, but now 80 percent are smartphones". At present, Samsung holds the largest share of the Indonesian smartphone market at 32.9 percent, followed by local manufacturers Smartfren and Evercoss and Chinese companies.Smartphone penetration in Indonesia is expected to speed up even more once 4G communication becomes available there, because 65 percent of the population is economically active, and people under 30 account for about half of the population.This means Indonesians are very aware of the latest IT trends. The country ranks second in the world in terms of Facebook postings, despite its weak communications infrastructure.ChallengesBut the Indonesian market is anything but a cakewalk since Korean firms tend to be relatively unfamiliar with the Muslim culture and tastes. Almost 90 percent of the Southeast Asian country"s population is Muslim, and Blackberry, despite a weak presence in the global market, dominates mobile messaging services there.Naver is hoping to change that and make Line as popular there as it is elsewhere in the region, not least by developing emoticons that are designed to appeal to customers there. One is dressed in the traditional Indonesian costume, while another rolls around feeling hungry during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during the day.More than 3,000 people in Indonesia have signed up with Line so far. Daum Kakao intends to do the same with its Kakao Talk messaging app, which has 18 million users worldwide, and the customer base of Path.Competition is fierce in Indonesia"s online game and electronic commerce markets as well. The top online game is a gun-fighting game from Korean game developer Zepetto.The Indonesian government is keen to give more opportunities to domestic IT companies to benefit from the boom. One regulation requires smartphone makers selling handsets in Indonesia to procure more than 40 percent of parts from the local market, and Jakarta is mulling a 20-percent tariff on imported smartphones.


Super Junior

Super Junior"s Yesung poses in Indonesia for "MAPS"

Super Junior Yesung"s photo shoot in Jakarta, Indonesia for the June issue of "MAPS" magazine has been revealed.

Yesung is returning to civilian life after 2 years and 4 months of mandatory military duty. For "MAPS", the Super Junior member is able to pull off everything from a bright, red suit to a simple, bared down look in bed. He"s also able to look all natural in clothing with odd proportions.

Check out his photo shoot, and let us know how he looks!

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[Running Man] Yoo Jae Suk Is Humiliated and Helpless Before Kim Jong Kook's Supernatural Power

[Running Man] Yoo Jae Suk Is Humiliated and Helpless Before Kim Jong Kook's Supernatural Power

Yoo Jae Suk Suffers Embarrassing Wedgie Incident at the Hands of Kim Jong Kook

Cast member Yoo Jae Suk is once again humiliated and helpless before the cutting edge of Kim Jong Kook's great power.

On the January 25th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” Yoo Jae Suk became the main character of the episode as he returned to his ‘Yoo-mes (James) Bond’ roots for the ‘Find Me Race’ in order to find his successor. This was his third time transforming into ‘Yoo-mes Bond’ since receiving his very first secret mission in 2011.

During the episode, Yoo Jae Suk set out to complete the mission together with his target Kim Jong Kook in order to secretly take him out. While Yoo Jae Suk attempted to go against his target in a card-flipping match, he ended up suffering an embarrassing wedgie incident at the hands of Kim Jong Kook.

As soon as the game began, Kim Jong Kook lifted Yoo Jae Suk into the air and flipped over all of the cards on his own, earning a perfect win, all the while giving his opponent a major wedgie in the process.

running man


Hong Jong Hyun and Yura head to Bali, Indonesia on

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura head to Bali, Indonesia on "We Got Married"

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura head to Bali, Indonesia on

Hong Jong Hyun and Girl"s Day"s Yura headed to Bali, Indonesia on the December 13 installment of "We Got Married".

The couple previously won an overseas trip on the show and made sure to enjoy their time to the fullest. Both were surprised to see that Indonesian fans had come to meet them at the airport with banners and signs that read, "Jjong-Ah couple," "Welcome to Bali," and more.

Hong Jong Hyun seemed to open up more on the trip. Both he and Yura went to an amusement park, where he said, "Princess, Ahyoung. I love you." 

Yura and Hong Jong Hyun also revealed their bare faces to each other for the first time. Are you excited for what"s to come on their trip to Bali?