Heize Reveals Dating Style And Gets Praised By Park Jin Young

Heize Reveals Dating Style And Gets Praised By Park Jin Young

On July 29, Heize made an appearance on Park Jin Youngs music show Party People and discussed her new album.

During the show, Park Jin Young revealed that he had actually asked the production staff to invite Heize onto the show because he was such a huge fan of her.

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He continued, I have a playlist titled NOT JYP, where I rank my personal favorites. For a while, my No. 1 favorite was Cant Love You Anymore by IU and Oh Hyuk, but Dont Know You [by Heize] took that spot soon after it was released.

While discussing the lyrics to Dont Know You, Heize confessed, Im not cool with breakups. I think the degree of attention given to me equals how much that person loves me.

The singer also revealed that the lyrics were inspired by her experiences. She said, I dated somebody when I was not financially stable. I still have the gifts that he gave me, but I myself wasnt able to give him any presents back then.

Lastly, Heize talked about who had inspired her to pursue her career. She said, My statistics professor in college saw me writing lyrics and told me that I can attend school anytime, but pursuing music has a time limit.