Heechul Was Involved In A Car Accident But Sent Message To Fans To Not Worry

Heechul Was Involved In A Car Accident But Sent Message To Fans To Not Worry

Sad news came from Heechul Super Junior. On his way of filming “Ask Us Anything,” he was involved in a minor car accident. But as the accident was minor, he decided to keep on filming the show.

The accident happened on Apr. 27 when Heechul was on his way to shoot “Ask Us Anything.” It was said that the accident was minor and Heechul insisted to leave early and continued to his direction to shoot the show. Meanwhile, his manager stayed on site to clear up the situation, Soompireported.

Kim Heechul insisted that he was fine and kept on shooting the program. Yet, he might get injured from the accident. Thus, SM Entertainment released their official statement, saying that he would be visiting the hospital after the shoot ended.

Regarding the news, fans are worried about Heechul’s condition. Many fans insist that he shouldn’t have done the shoot and did the check up first. Knowing that fans might be worried, Heechul posted on his instagram, saying that he was fine. He also said that he used seatbelt and thus was safe from major accident, AllKpopreported.

Heechul also reminded his fans to always use seatbelt in order to be safe. It was part of the manager’s quick response that Heechul wasn’t get major accident. Thankfully, he was fine after all.

Heechul is currently busy being a regular member on “Ask Us Anything.” Together with Kang Ho Dong and other artists, they want to dig information from the guests through the scenario of senior junior relationship at school. This show gives laughter to viewers with their direct interaction between the members and the guests.

Recently, Heechul said his feeling about filming an outdoor variety show. He felt that he lost his energy a lot and he liked to have indoor variety show more, Soompireported.

It seems that “Ask Us Anything” suits Heechul really well. He doesn’t have to go outdoor and just need to stay indoor to film the program. He can also still in a full energy while filming. Many fans are happy that he is not injured during his minor accident. Moreover, they can still watch Heechul on the show.

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