Heechul rages on sasaengs who spied on him peeing

Heechul rages on sasaengs who spied on him peeing

Super Juniors Heechul has spoken out against sasaeng fans after revealing his own traumatic experiences.

During his recent appearance on TvNs talk show, Taxi, Heechul revealed his disturbing experiences with sasaeng fans.

On the show, he explained that he has dismissed the idea of sasaeng being fans.

“I don’t add ‘fan’ to when I talk about sasaeng. Sasaeng are not fans.”

Heechul revealed that he still suffers from trauma after his own experiences escalated.

 “Even now I locked the bathroom door and only use the sitting toilet. In the past, fans rushed to the bathroom door, and I was traumatized by that experience.”

Many idols have spoken out against sasaeng fans, including 2PMs Jun.KBIGBANGs T.O.P, and Nam Taehyun, who have all issued personal final warnings.

Nam Taehyun Threatens Legal Action Against Sasaeng Fans

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Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) April 23, 2017

Companies including SM Entertainment have also issued a final warning to protect their artists from sasaeng fans.

SM Entertainment issues formal warning against sasaengs and antis