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[Exclusive] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik to appear on ′healing Camp′

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[Exclusive] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik to appear on ′healing Camp′

--> ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik could be performing on < robust> curative Camp.

Park Hyung Sik filmed SBS′ < robust> curative Camp on August five. here is the primary time Park Hyung Sik could be performing on a communicate display on his own since debuting with ZE:A in 2010.

The lately- made over < robust> curative Camp invitations five00 target audience individuals to speak with one guest. Actor Hwang Jung Min and LeeSsang′s Gary were the primary two visitors to appear at the display with the hot structure. Many are curious to look what's going to take place when Park Hyung Sik meets Kim Je Dong and the target audience individuals.

Park Hyung Sik starred in the lately-wrapped SBS drama < robust>high Society, bringing his candy, yet heartbreaking romance with Lim Ji Yeon′s persona to lifestyles.

because the drama ended, Park Hyung Sik has been keeping busy with advertisement shoots and interviews whilst reviewing his next task.

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Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yoo-bi, and Kim Yeong-kwang Confirmed To Turn Down "Healing Camp"

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Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yoo-bi, and Kim Yeong-kwang Confirmed To Turn Down

Fans cry their heart out as their idols Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yoo-bi, and Kim Yeong-kwang have been confirmed to withdraw from "Healing Camp"'s "Pinocchio" special!

My Daily reported that Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yoo-bi and Kim Yeong-kwang were supposed to appear in "Healing Camp" but can"t due to conflict in their schedules.

News of their appearance was out on the 13th. However, Lee Jong-suk cancelled, then the other three ensued.

"Pinocchio" ended on the 15th after twenty episodes.

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Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang Appear On "Pinocchio" Special of “Healing Camp” Without Lee Jong Suk

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Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang Appear On

It is revealed that the cast of "Pinocchio" will appear on special "Pinocchio" episode of SBS's talk show "Healing Camp" without actor Lee Jong Suk.

Previously, it was reported that the drama’s main stars Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Yoo Bi would be filming the special episode on January 22. However, due to delays in his schedule, Lee Jong Suk will be unable to participate in the shoot.

A representative of the star explained, “It appears that he is inevitably unable to make it. He has a prior commitment that has been scheduled before his appearance on ‘Healing Camp.’ We think it is very unfortunate that he is unable to appear on the show.”

This unexpected news is likely to affect Lee Jong Suk’s co-stars and their decision to appear on the episode. A representative of Kim Young Kwang stated, “The initial plan was to participate in the shoot together with the whole ‘Pinocchio’ team. If one or more of the members drop out, we will have to reconsider the offer.”

Meanwhile, the finale of “Pinocchio” will air on January 15.

Park Si Hoo Gives Advice on How to Put on Good Kiss Scenes on "Healing Camp"

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Park Si Hoo Gives Advice on How to Put on Good Kiss Scenes on

Park Si Hoo will be revealing the secret behind his many jaw-dropping kiss scenes on the December 10 broadcast of SBS′ Healing Camp.

The reason he became so good at kiss scenes was because of what he was told after his first.

He said, "The people around me told me that my kiss scene for the SBS drama Glory of the Family, in which I first took up a lead role, was dull, so I thought in my next kiss scene I would eat [my co-star] all up."

In his next dramas, such as SBS′ Prosecutor Princess, MBC′s Queen of Reversals and KBS2′s The Princess′ Man, he became so skilled in kiss scenes that he started to be called the man any woman would love.

He said that for his kiss scenes he learned how to ′wind up′. See what he means in the upcoming episode of Healing Camp.

Park Si Hoo is currently appearing in the SBS drama Cheongdamdong Alice as an off-the-wall rich boy.

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Actor Park Si Hoo to make an appearance on ‘Healing Camp’

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Actor Park Si Hoo to make an appearance on ‘Healing Camp’

Actor Park Si Hoo has accepted the offer to make an appearance as guest for Healing CampSBSs talk show.

On October 19th, his agency revealed to Newsen, “Park Si Hoo decided to appear on ‘Healing Camp’ after receiving an offer to guest on the program. Although an exact date has not been confirmed, we believe the recording will take place soon after arranging his schedule.”

Despite having experiences with talk programs before, this is the first time Park Si Hoo appears on a talk show all by himself.

The representative of his agency continued, “Park Si Hoo is worried because he doesn’t have much variety skills, but he plans to honestly share his stories.”

Park Si Hoo will be returning to the small screen through SBS’s ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘, which will begin airing in early December.

Yang Hyun Suk’s ‘Healing Camp’ episode falls short of J.Y. Park’s in viewer ratings

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Yang Hyun Suk’s ‘Healing Camp’ episode falls short of J.Y. Park’s in viewer ratings

The May 14th broadcast of SBSs Healing Camp featuring Yang Hyun Suk has placed first in ratings out of all the other programs in its time slot. However, it was unable to surpass the viewer ratings of the April 30th episode of Healing Camp featuring J.Y. Park.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the May 14th episode of Healing Camp garnered 9.1% in viewer ratings, 1.7% higher than last weeks episode with Patti Kim. The talk show once again received the highest viewer ratings out of all its rival programs in its time slot, beating KBSs Hello (8.9%) and MBCs Come to Play (5.8%).

The viewer ratings had garnered much interest as Yang Hyun Suk himself had mentioned in the episode his desire to gain higher viewer ratings than J.Y. Parks episode of Healing Camp. He hilarious remarked, I began to worry about the viewer ratings after watching Park Jin Youngs episode of Healing Camp. I need to have higher viewer ratings than him no matter what.

But unfortunately, Yang Hyun Suks episode of Healing Camp was a 1.3% drop from J.Y. Parks episode, which drew 10.4% in ratings. However, the part two of the Yang Hyun Suk special will broadcast next week, so he may still have a chance to catch up!

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J.Y. Park reveals his home with a basketball court on ‘Healing Camp’

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J.Y. Park reveals his home with a basketball court on ‘Healing Camp’

J.Y. Park revealed his home on the April 30th episode of SBS Healing Camp, as the filming took place at his house.

The Healing Camp MCs could not hide their expressions of awe at J.Y. Parks large, grassy yard, which even had a basketball court in one corner. Regarding the basketball court, J.Y. Park commented, I had it specially made so I could exercise. The problem is that Im leasing the house so I have to get rid of it when I move out, which concerns me.

They continued to tour the inside of his home, and J.Y. Park revealed his daily habits as he showed them his bedroom, saying, I wake up at 8, and the first thing I do is to open my drawer and take 7 different vitamins and supplements. Then he revealed that he goes to the kitchen, where he eats fruits and either soy milk or a drink made from roast grains for breakfast. After taking care of breakfast, he exercises for about 30 minutes, and then practices on improving his vocal skills at his piano.

In addition to the basketball court outside, J.Y. Parks love for sports and fitness was evidenced by his collection of workout equipment in the living room of his house, which seemed to rival a fitness club. J. Y. Park also expressed his love for exercise, stating, I exercise about 2 hours every day.

Another room that drew peoples attention was his closet, where he had all the shelves labeled with the different types of clothes they held so he could find clothes quickly.

Also on this episode, J. Y. Park revealed behind-the-scenes stories from K-Pop Star, his thoughts and opinions about JYP artists, and the change in his life goal.

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J.Y Park to address rumors about his marijuana usage on ‘Healing Camp’

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J.Y Park to address rumors about his marijuana usage on ‘Healing Camp’

On the April 30th broadcast of SBSs Healing Camp, Park Jin Young will open up about past rumors that he smoked marijuana.

The producer and singer confessed that after the rumors circulated, he had an emotional conversation with his mother.  He explained that his mother weeped due to the ongoing rumors that stressed her out.

Aside from the marijuana talks, J.Y Park will also discuss the very sensitive topic, Who created mankind and earth?  In addition, J.Y Park will honestly address the ongoing rumors that if a K-Pop contestant from K-Pop Star was trained under JYP, that person would fail the audition.

Dont miss this interesting episode on April 30th at 11:15 PM KST!

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J.Y. Park to appear on ‘Healing Camp’

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J.Y. Park to appear on ‘Healing Camp’

It turns out that singer and producer J.Y. Park will be featured as the guest of an upcoming episode of Healing Camp.

A staff member on the production team of SBSs Healing Camp revealed to Star News on April 21st, J.Y. Park will be participating in next Wednesdays (April 25th) recording of Healing Camp.

Although it seem J.Y. Park has been confirmed, not much else seems to have been finalized at the moment. The staff member continued, We havent finalized the filming location and the time, but theyll soon be decided.

In related news, J.Y. Park, who is currently serving as one of the judges on K-Pop Star, released his duet song with Someone Else with Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In on April 22nd (KST).

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Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m now not an Arrogant Person”

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Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m Not an Arrogant Person” Joo Won, who currently starred in “Yong Pal,” is guesting at the SBS communicate display “Healing Camp” to give an explanation for the misconception that he spoke informally to his seniors. Ceaselessly generally known as the king of ratings, his informal speech is the No. 2 seek observe associated with the actor.

On the show, Joo Won’s seniors from “Yong Pal” send in wonder video messages. “Joo Won has a huge number of aegyo,” actress Kim Tae Hee says. “I need a son like that.” Jung Woong In agrees, announcing that he needs a more youthful brother like Joo Won, yet then surprises the actor via asking how much his appearance charges are.

Joo Won’s chemistry with Yoo Hae Jin and his dependancy of talking informally is a number one center of attention on the show. “Yoo Hae Jin had asked me why I don’t discuss informally to him but i presumed that whilst I could be more comfortable, the folk around him would take it badly,” the actor explains. “I am not an impertinent person.”

MC Kim Jae Dong asks him if he had criteria for formal and casual speech. “I’ve been the use of informal speech with Uhm Tae Woong for a long time,” Joo Won says. “So perhaps he’s the benchmark . . . ?”