Hayoung shares her thoughts regarding the death threats targeted at A Pink

Hayoung shares her thoughts regarding the death threats targeted at A Pink

Following the death threats, A Pink stepped forward to express how they felt about the incident.

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On June 15, member Hayoung wrote on A Pink’s official fansite, “Due to the troubling incident which occurred last night, our fandom, family, agency staff, and our affiliates have been deeply concerned about us.  When we first heard about it, we were both in shock and scared, however after finding out the reason why it happened and to what degree, we were rather upset.”

The idol singer reassured the fanbase, saying, “A Pink is doing our best to practice and prepare for our comeback in addition to keeping much caution so please don’t worry fans!  We also feel apologetic towards our security team Captain Q as well as our agency staff members working hard to watch our backs during this crucial time.  We hope to resolve this case soon and bring relief to our dear fans!”  Hayoung also added A Pink will be greeting fans real soon.

Prior to this, on the evening of June 14, police reported that an anonymous phone call was made via Police emergency number 112 about a death threat, “saying that the caller would come to A Pink’s agency and murder the members with a knife.”  It seems the identity of the culprit was recently discovered and is looking to be investigated.

Meanwhile, A Pink will be making their official return with a new album on June 26.

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